Board of Directors Meeting
Sept. 2, 2003 7 pm

Call meeting to order

President's Commentary

Secretarys Report - Maye Hart

Treasurers Report - Mo Demers

Old Business

Shows: State Fair - Christmas - Children's Theatre Workshop - A Thousand Clowns - 12 Angry Men - Other

Encore: Season end review

Expenses: Muslin, split between SF and Players; LChip funding/facade money

Building: Facade, Completion Report - Marquees - Rear Fence - Clean Update; next project...the Roof?

Production Manual: Progress report .

Accounting Software: (see Treasurer Report)

Ad Campaign: Progress to date - Preparation for printing/alternate printer?

Costumers Report: Date for work

Master Calendar: On web, effectiveness?

Discussion and Update: New Hampshire Theatre Association (NHTA) - Newsletter article - block tickets - progress on competition.

Website Updates

New Business

Pittsfield Octoberfest