Board of Directors Meeting
WEDNESDAY March 24, 2004 7 pm @ Scenic
Call meeting to order

Secretary's Report - Maye Hart

Treasurers Report - See written report


Old Business
Review- 1000 Clowns, attendance, profit etc.
Upcoming Shows - 12 Angry Men, 1776, Christmas 2004
Encore- rehearsal schedule, accompanist
Building - Costume Shop; the Roof; Gray Building; additional heater
Production Manual - Progress report .
Dame Awards Committee/Annual Meeting/Board elections
Carpenter/Freese Bros tribute
Winter 2005 Show - tabled to new business below

New Business

Exterior Painting - materials etc.
Winter Schedule 2005 and final selections for consideration
2005 Competition (tabled to April Meeting)
Code of ethics
Membership Applications
Board Nomination Deadline
Hall of Fame