We Need Your Support Now

Our group, The Pittsfield Players, is in a fairly unique position- we own our theater. Most theater groups, and certainly most non-profit ones, dream of the  having a space of their own; to store everything under one roof, to be able to build a set and not have to tear it down and rebuild it in the performance space, to not have to rent a stage, to have a space to rehearse, audition, and gather. Almost since the inception of the Pittsfield Players in 1968, the Scenic Theater was an integral part of our early success. The Players, who rehearsed in many locations, some unheated, would rent the Scenic for the week of the show from the owners, Arthur and Vaulien Dame.  In 1991, the Dames retired, closing the theater and offering to sell the building to the Players. It was an opportunity too important to be missed, and so we took out a mortgage and became property owners. With the use of donated space directly across the street from the theater, the Players were able to build a permanent stage and increase the number of shows we performed each year.






The Players have made many improvements to the building since 1991, including new siding on the outside, a new heating system, new seating, a second rest room, and enclosing the mezzanine to house the lighting and sound booth. The front facade of the building has been repaired, the second floor houses a mesmerizing collection of costumes including  many genuine vintage pieces, as well as some furniture for set pieces and so the board of directors can meet and have a place to sit.  The second floor, in case you dont know, also has a private bathroom for the actors, a sewing room, and houses the make-up area. The third floor is home to all our stage properties.

The Players long ago paid off the mortgage on the building, thanks to continued support and donations from businesses, members and patrons, and the hard work of the members who have done many fundraising activities. For the past several years, the Players have been able to focus on becoming a successful venue for live theater entertainment. After years of accomplishments and successes, our tiny, non-profit community theater group now faces a new, even greater challenge: to officially bring its home up to fire code. Even worse, were on a deadline. Thanks to donations from local businesses, weve been able to add a second staircase backstage to allow exit from the second floor. Our lighting booth has been renovated and sheet rocked to satisfy fire code safety regulations. Within the next month, and alarm system will be installed at a cost of $9,000. But our last hurdle is perhaps the highest one of all. We need to raise $50,000 for a sprinkler system for the Scenic Theatre. Without that system, the fire department could close our doors permanently.

Our award-winning theater group is on the move trying to raise the funds to complete the sprinkler system as soon as possible. The Players need all the support of theater-goers and patrons of the arts, because without those donations our gem of a theater will be forced to close its doors. The Pittsfield Players will be counting on its membership, its corporate sponsors, and members of its community for donations. All donations are tax deductible.  The Pittsfield Players are proud to be able to bring high quality, family entertainment to the town of Pittsfield and the greater Capitol region, and count on money not just from its performances but its supporters to stay open. Perhaps you can support us, too, in this great venture. If you would like to make a donation, contact any member of our Board of Directors.