The Pittsfield Players: Board of Directors

Minutes of the Meeting—August 21, 2008


Members Present:

                Jeff Gregoire, President

                Jan Pinard, VP

                Len Miller, Secretary

                Jon Martin, Treasurer

                John Charron, At Large

                Russ Trudel, At Large

                No additional members of the Players were present.


Call to Order: 7:15 PM


Secretary’s Report: None submitted.

Treasurer’s Report: Jon Martin reported that there is currently $1814.09 in the treasury as of 8/21/08. He also noted that there were

                                eight new memberships sent in as of 8/21/08. Royalty fees for Joseph have been paid as well.

                                Motion to table the full Treasurer’s Report for this month until next month by John Charron, seconded by

 Len Miller, passed unaminously

Reports on Shows:

                Joseph—Auditions for this show are Sunday, August 24th for kids (8 yrs+) and adults, 1-6 pm.

                                Auditions for adults only are Monday, August 25th at 7 pm.

                                Royalties paid.

                                Director—Jeff Gregoire; Producer—Jon Martin; Musical Director—Rob Dionne

                                Kudos from the director to Lori Smock-Joyal for her attention to already collecting props.

                                Irene Nelson has said to the director that she will help with costumes, but cannot head the operation.

                                The production is still searching for someone to head the costuming operation.

                                Show dates: November 7, 8, 14, and 15 at 8 pm and November 9 at 2 pm.

                                Some discussion about adding dates was bantered about, but no decision was made.

                                It was noted that the royalties only covered the five performances listed, so adding performances

                                                may be an extra expense.

                Encore 2008—Audience numbers were disappointing according to Jeff Gregoire

                                Reasons for this may be tight economy and/or poor advertising of the production.

                                Some consideration about renegotiating terms with Steel Hill was discussed among Board with no


                                With everything considered, Jeff said that he’s hoping “to break even,” and that it would be lucky

                                                to bring in $500.

                Christmas Show ’08—According to Jeff, Bea is committed to that. As of this date, there has been no selection of show.

                Love, Sex, and the IRS—This is the first show of ’09, directed by John Charron, and will be presented in mid-March.

                                Auditions for this show will be in December ’08.

Old Business:

                Lighting Booth—Russ Trudel said that he plans to paint the lighting booth. It was mentioned that the booth needs a phone,

                                a ground line; it is wired.

                Membership List—The list needs to be updated and the Newsletter mailing list needs to be adjusted to the new list.

                                Jeff Gregoire is still to sign the new membership cards.

                Newsletter—Many thanks to Nella Hobson for compiling the Newsletter after Jenna Van Valen’s resignation. October’s

                                Newsletter will be the last newsletter to non paying, non current members. Len has offered to compile and write the

                                newsletter, taking over from Nella. The feasibility of renting a Pitney-Bowes  postage meter was brought up by Len

                                and several of the board members said that it was not cost effective.

                Rotary Dinner—Jon Martin said that the next Rotary dinner is Wednesday, August 27th. He told the Board that the dinner

                                is planned and the help is covered.

                Fire Inspection—Jeff told the Board that he understands that the building does not need another fire inspection until Joseph

                                is presented.

                Building Maintenance—There is a job description to the part time position of Building Maintenance for the Scenic. The

                                veteran board members told the new board members that the salary for this position is $200/month with an

                                additional $20/hour for special approved projects at the Scenic. The board now has Job Application Forms and

                                Len has offered to call the four interested parties back, discuss the specifics of the position, and offer an

                                application through the mail. The board decided that the deadline for these applications will be October 1st.

                                The board will then interview applicants after a screening review.





                Dame Awards/40th Anniversary Celebration—Len Miller and Jon Martin, members of the Dame Awards/40th Anniversary

                                Committee, gave the following report:

                                                *both celebrations will be merged into one event, scheduled for Saturday evening, November 1st

                                                *location is at the former Mill Restaurant, presently the Elks Club, in Epsom. A deposit has been paid.

                                                *Celebration will consist of cash bar for cocktails, dinner, Dame Awards with 40th year retrospection

                                                                and/or program, and then dancing to a DJ.

                                                *The committee has discussed the theme of “Homecoming,” to reach out not only to current members

                                                                but to those who have left the membership for various reasons.

                                                *Even though the committee is still discussing the price of ticket per person, it has attempted to bring

                                                                that price in at $10 a person, a lesser amount for kids.

                                                *The committee is currently searching for The Dame Girl (or Guy), the handler of the award to the

                                                                presenter. There is an application process with a short paragraph of why they would like to

                                                                be the next Dame Girl or Guy. This is open to all members 16 years old or older.

                                                *Bea was looking at potential DJ’s.

                                                *The committee will discuss caterers at its next meeting at Bea’s house on Thursday, the 28th at 7.

                                                *Members of this committee are:

                                                                                Kat Abdelwahid, Jen Kearns, Bea Pszonowski,

 Jenna Van Valen, Jon Martin, and Len Miller

                                The board recommended:

                                                *that Matt Berrington be contacted for the DJ job. He did it once before at a Player function and did it

                                                                free—Jeff Gregoire

                                                *that the committee attempt to have created a video retrospection for the Players’ 40 years

                                                                of shows. There are many shows archived—Jeff Gregoire

                                                *that there be no formal Master of Ceremonies; the DJ, whomever that may be, can perform that function

                                                *that the Roland Charron Memorial Award be awarded during this celebration. The committee for this is

                                                                John Charron and Elsie Morse and will have names in nomination for board approval for Sept.


                Flex Tickets vs Season Tickets—

                                *proposed: $50/5 tickets.

                                *flex tickets for ’08-’09 will go from September ’08 to the end of the calendar year 2009.

                                *any Season Tickets will be honored for this time period.

                                *Flex Ticket will be ONE laminated ticket with five places to be punched for various selected shows over the time




                                *Alarm system still delayed, despite Jon Martin’s effort with his phone call to the company who already has been

                                                paid $5,500.

                                *The misunderstanding seems to be in their thinking that they had until the end of 2008 to get the work done.

                                *It was reported that some of the wires have been installed, but not much else.

                                *It was also reported to the new board members that nothing between the Players and this alarm company has been

                                                put down in writing. Nothing in a contract, thus no specific dates have been agreed to other than by

                                                verbal agreement.

                                *It was mentioned (Jeff Gregoire) that “Bruce,” the owner of the company, needs to be contacted directly.

                                *Russ said that he has been in touch with the fire inspector and he (the fire inspector) may be able to supply some


                AJP—Andrew J. Pinard, magician

                                * He had been planning to do a show at the Scenic either in August or in September ’08.

                                * It has now been cancelled.

                New Business—

                                *To be debated—Should those auditioning and winning parts in a show at the Scenic be asked to buy a Membership

                                                to the Players? Should there be a “fee” to be in a show?

                                *Jon Martin told the Board that the Hall of Fame Award has been redesigned and is now ready for presentation.


                Meeting Adjourned at 8:45.


                Respectfully submitted,


                Len Miller, Secretary