Minutes of the 2007 Pittsfield Players Annual Meeting:

Meeting opened at:15PM on June 23rd at the Charron Compound in Pittsfield New Hampshire. A roll-call of the Board of Directors was taken. Present were Meggin Dail, President: Jan Pinard, Vice President: John Charron, Treasurer: and Jon Martin, secretary. Members at Large were Ernie Bass and Jeff Gregoire.

We had a difficult year this past year with the passing on of four of our members. Frank Kirwin, Michael Chagnon,Michael Pszonowsky, and Dennis Bunnell. A special section at the September Dame Awards will reflect our admiration and love for these men.

We welcomed new members and the re-introduction of the Play Reading Committee. Encore, although has gone through some changes ( now doing book shows) is well and looking for to another season at Steele Hill Resort. Opening night is Tuesday.

"The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas" was sighted as bringing in many new people for it was virtually a sell out.

Christmas Play was two of O'Henry's plays and thanks to Bea Pszonowsky for coming through when the original idea for the Christmas show fell through. It was her first directorship and she did well.

Meggin Dail talked about "Ideas in Motion". A concept to bring new interest and activity to the Players. Our treasurer, John Charron initiated more accountability with the new budget and also the voucher program for expenditures.

Jenna has done a remarkable job as chief Editor for our News letter "Curtain Up" Because of her efforts asking for supplies, we are able to stock our shelves with the paper goods we need. Deadline for any article is the 8th of the month.

Kudos go to Nikki DelValle for her wonderful article in the newsletter.

The yard sale made $55.00 and a real thank you to Tracy Remington and Meggin Dail for all the work they accomplished in sorting out the third floor, our props. Also a great help goes to Ricky Belanger of Ponderosa for his help.

2008 brings with it our 40th Anniversary of the Pittsfield Players. It should be a great year.

Treasurer's Report: Unfortunately we are $709.12 in the red. We certainly are a non-profit organization. A report is on file with the secretary if anyone wishes to see it.

Nominations for the Board of Directors. Finishing their terms are Ernie Bass and Jan Pinard. They are both eligible to run again for a three year term. Ernie declined and Jan's name was up for nomination along with Jenna Van Valen King. A motion was made by Elsie Morse and seconded by Lena Luongo to have the secretary, since there were no other nominations, present these two names to be voted by acclamation and have the secretary cast the one vote. This action was taken and they were elected.

Productions: Jeff Gregoire is directing the Encore show "Secrets every smart traveler wants to know" at the Steele Hill Resort and also at the theater on July 20th.

Elsie Morse will direct the Christmas Show " Best Christmas Pageant Ever". John Charron is directing "Rumors" Maye Hart is directing "Bye, Bye Birdie", and other productions will be "All this by Moonlight" and Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dream Coat.

New Business: A round of applause was given to Meggin Dail for her work this past year as president.

A motion was entertained to adjourn by Lena Luongo, and seconded by Jan Pinard. The meeting closed at 3:55PM.

Respectfully submitted by Jon Martin. Sec.