Minutes of the Board of Directors Meeting

Thursday 19 January 2006

Meeting was opened at 6:55pm by President Meggin Dail

Present at the meeting: President: Meggin, Vice President: Maye, Secretary: Frank, Members at Large Jan & Ernie

Guest: Irene Hall

Minutes: Read by members and accepted as read.

Treasurers Report: None given

Irene presented a show for the 06 Christmas show titled Home for the Holidays. With Mo as the Director. Irene was asked to submit a script to the board for consideration.

Old Business: Rotary Christmas Dinner went well. Made some money.

Backstage stairwell discussed the board read a letter from Bob Charron. Backstage and sewing room cleaned out. Discussion on placement of monitor heater from backstage. This was voted on by the board and it was decide to put the heater upstairs.

Lighting Booth: Jim is working on strapping and new window.

Ad program: at printers still need pictures.

Shed: Bob looking into using it for storage.

Proving Fire Proofing: Maye did not as yet look into it. Need now to take samples of all our material to Globe Firefighting to have them tested.



North Pole Express went well.

Music Man Jr. Coming along well need more boys that can sing. Maye has a line on two boys from Belmont and Chichester. Tickets $8:00 and $3:00 per kid to see the show. So far gong good and John is working out as assistant director.

Play it Again Sam and Bus Stop:

Sam opens April 7th Auditions for Bus Stop are the 5th and 6th of February with the play in May.

Steele Hill: Ordered two shows so Director can decide on which he or she would like to do.

Best Little Whore House. Dennis would like to put out feelers to see if we can get students from two local colleges.

Christmas Show: Board has three proposals. Board needs to see scripts.

New Business:

Jan 24th fund raising committees meeting.

Rotary we will do the 2nd and 4th Wednesday's and we will be feeding around 40 people.

New Hampshire Theater Awards. Len and John will be presenting awards that evening.The shows we will be presenting for consideration for 06 will be Best Little Whore House and Play It Again Sam.

For a little while Meggin has accepted the job doing the newsletter.

Contact Sheets need to be redone.

By Laws: will be reviewed by the Board at a latter date.

Other Business: None Meeting adjourned at 8:20pm

Next Meeting is 16 February 2006