Minutes of the Board of Directors Meeting

Thursday 16 February 2006

Meeting was opened at 7pm by President Meggin Dail

Present at the meeting: President: Meggin, Vice President: Maye, Secretary: Frank, Treasurer: Jenna, Member at Large: Jan

Guests: None

Minutes of Jan 2006 Meeting: read by President Meggin and accepted by the Board.

Treasurerís Report:

Old Business:

Stair project is 99% done at this time. Discussion about carpet on stairs - this is ok by fire code but may be a safety issue. It was mentioned that we put down carpet then rubber mats over the carpet this would meet both fire and safety codes. Also need to close up opening at top of stage. Meggin mentioned she will ask Joel to get involved in that with Bob Charron. Maye submitted bills to the Board. Meggin asked Bob to give her a list of names of who helped on the stair/backstage area so she can put articles in the local papers.

Lighting Booth: Building Inspector approved the wiring now Jim will cover wiring and finish then wait for building Inspector to come back and Inspect that job.


Music Man JR. Coming along set should be done by this Saturday. Costumer  needed help, Jan said she will be meeting with costume person on Saturday. Did get two pretty good singers from Prospect Mt.


Play It Again Sam:

Cannot find person playing Bogart character. Still looking for one more woman to play girl in museum.

Bus Stop: Having a second round of auditions on 26 and 27 February. Could not cast lead characters.

Jim Riel was contacted by Maye to see if he was still interested in doing his show at the theater. He said he was. Maye will contact him to see if we can set up a date.

New Business:

Dame Awards:

Tentivley Saturday June 3 at 5pm.

By Laws: Article 1 was read by Meggin.

No Changes submitted by the Board. Next meeting the Board will review Article 2 Officers.


Rotary: The 8th and 22nd of March 2006. But backing up to Feb 22nd Maye is cooking, Meggin will bring desert, Jan will help along with John Martin. Other people will be contacted by Meggin to see if they can help. March 22, Tamara Will cook Maye will help, Jan will help, March 8 Meggin will cook but can not serve as she has a rehearsal.



There is a English teacher from the Pittsfield High School interested in using the theater March 30 or 31st Thursday or Friday afternoon at 3pm. For a project called Poetry Outloud as a competition here and if win move on to larger competitions. No income would be recieve from this event.

Proposal from NH Idol to use theater for talent contest. After some conversation proposal was tabled till a later date.

There was some confusion about billing that came to the Players and Maye stated that she should have received it because she wanted these items to belong to her not the Players. Meggin will see to it and talk to Jenna.

Rotary Changing of the Guard. This year they want to have a pig roast. If this happens we would lose money. If they are firm wanting this we probably donít want to do this. Meggin will call Frank Donovan to discuss this matter and get back to the Board.

Jenna arrived and gave Treasurers report and copies of her report to the Board. Board discussed some of the items in the report and were answered by Jenna. After the discussion and answer period the Board accepted the report.

Meeting adjourned at 8:05 pm

Next meeting is 16 March 2006 at 7pm.