Minutes for the February, 2007

Meeting called to order at 7:05
Present were: Meggin, John C. Ernie, Jan, Jeff,
Guests were: Maye Hart,concerning contracts; Tracy Remington and Tamara DelValle,interested members;, Jenna King present a fund-raiser idea

Secretary and Treasurer's reports were accepted. Jenna forwarded secretary report for January to Meggin and then to Jon.

Treasurer John C spent a long time in discussion of having two types of budget for the coming fiscal year, which may be June to June. If so work must be started on a Capital Improvement and Operating Budget by the end of March. There are many areas of concern dealing with all aspects of the theater and at next meeting we shall try to begin to tackle this

Important note: All contracted people are to be given their income statements if they go over $600.
John C. suggested that there should be a certain percentage of each production set aside for a Capital Improvement fund so when it is needed there will be funds available. Also suggested that John C as treasurer use a more abridged report which is more user friendly and could be put in the newsletter.
The tax exempt papers are almost ready to be filed. John C will now pick up the mail.

SHOWS: Guys & Dolls Jr has opened with school performances and reviews are excellent. This weekend performances will be held. Box-office responsibilities will fall to Meggin(22nd); Jan (23rd); Jenna (24th).

Concern was voiced as to the proper care of the Legs when put in storage. A suggestion was to have PVC pipes to store the legs as not to destroy them.
"While the Lights were out" is in rehearsal now and will be March 23, 24, 30, 3l. The box office coverage will be: Jeff -23rd; Meggin-24th; Jon-30th; and __Jenna_31st.

Maye Hart will handle publicity; Jon will get tickets and posters; and John C will have a raffle with audience participation as to who is the killer. Those guessing will have their names in pool and one winner selected to receive tickets to future show.
Autumn Garden: auditions held and could have used more women. Rehearsal schedule set.
Encore: Jeff is selected as director for '07 Encore! production "Secrets every traveler should know". Tracy Remington is Stage Manager and Costumes. Gerry Casey is Dance instructor, and Robert Dionne is pianist. Some slides may be used in the production.

MTI: too many names on the list so they are to be updated with Jeff Gregoire's name to be added. Maye and Meggin are already on the list.

Bye Bye Birdie: Dates set for November 2, 3, 4, 9, 10, 11 of '07 Budget was submitted and the total cost is $4330.00.

Competition: NHTCA will be on Oct. 13th and 14th. More details later. Meggin will direct a short play "The Night Larry Crammer Kissed Me".

Christmas: Elsie Morse will direct the "Best Christmas Pageant Ever"

DISCUSSION 2008-2009
Meggin will send a list of shows under consideration and the board is to have their selections for the March meeting. 4 musicals and 4 dramas.

OLD BUSINESS; Lighting Booth, Ernie will be Forman for that project to bring it to completion, making sure to contact Jim Hart for latest updates.

Storage: a question of staying with the $400 a month rental or have a sealed box trailer for $75.00. Bob C , Joel, Steve will examine the trailer and see if it is feasible. Jeff and Tracy will chair this project. Tracy will get various guesitmates from Scott Tepper as to what a new storage facility will cost.

Jan will talk to her son Andrew to have the theater seats removed from storage by the end of March.

Fire Code: Still there are holes in walls, fixtures, plugs, junction boxes, etc that need attention. Also guards need to be put over the upstairs windows to prevent children from leaning and falling out the windows. Meggin will chair this, along with checking material may be used to cover the fire stairs (Globe Stairs)

Jan and Jon will take charge of moving the office to the "paint room" hoping that the extra paints will be able to be stored someplace backstage. Talk about putting deep shelves for curtain storage on the stairway wall was discussed.

Contact Sheet: Tracy will gather all the info for the various lists and come up with a master list for membership and contacts for various functions and abilities.

Jan is working with TJ to get the DVD's that are ours.

It is hoped that we shall have a general cleanup sometime during May . The environmental team will be here on March 3rd.

Dropped Balls: a term that Meggin uses to see if any projects of ideas from the past may be brought up and acted upon.

NEW BUSINESS: The question of a maintenance man and his job description. Also as to the stipend he receives for being on call all the time for emergencies at $200 a month. Should this be an hourly wage and also that of janitorial services, should there be a person for that at an hourly wage. Board was asked for the next meeting to come in with a job description for a maintenance man and if so also a janitorial person, or should it be volunteers.

Elections: Ernie and Jan's three year terms end this year and Meggin wishes not to be considered for President at the end of her term, although she remains on the board.

Rotary: We still need more people to be involved in this dinner project. Jon will cook for the 28th and also for March 14th (boiled dinner) Meggin will cook on March 28.

It was voted on and seconded that Jenna put on a "Pampered Chef" demonstration as a fund raiser in the fall.

Jeff is looking into a bus for "Wicked" as a group activity cost for transportation and show will be about $120.00 He will e-mail the details.

AWARDS: The Dame award and the annual meeting will not be together for 07. It was voted to have a "cookout" for the annual meeting and have the Dame awards in the fall. Jeff will contact Bernie and Mal to see if they wish to be on the committee for the Dame awards.
Roland Charron Award: John C. will make contact with Elsie Morse to see if she would spearhead this effort.

Newsletter: Deadline for articles is the 8th of the month. Also to be included in the letter will be boxes that have thank you's, wish list, Board names, and abridged financial report.

Tickets: Tamara will look into the concept of having tickets pre-sale on line BEFORE they go to the Sun for sale.

Next meeting is March 9th at 7:00 PM.
Meeting closed at 9:45 P.M.

Submitted by : Jon C. Martin, secretary.