March 9th 2007
Meeting opened at 7:20 P.M. Those present were: Board Members: Meggin Dail, Ernie Bass, Jan Pinard, John Charron, Jon Martin and Guests; Tracy Remington, Jenna Van Valen King.

Secretary:s Report was read and motion to accept was made by John C. and seconded by Ernie B.
Treasurer's Report read with $10,000.39 in our accounts. Report motion to accept was by Jan P. and seconded by Ernie B. It was suggested that the Board try to put the expenses under the proper headings if possible. John C, treasurer, is continuing updating and re-organizing the reports so as to make it more understanding.

A budget for Autumn Garden was submitted by Meggin Dail
John C. presented a computerized layout to try and work on a 2008 Budget form, trying to questimate what the expenses would be in 2008 knowing that the musicals do call for more money in their budget.

Taxes: Pittsfield has all the proper tax forms from us and we are waiting for the abatement. They want to see more papers as to our non-tax status, our by-laws, and our corporation papers.

Angelo stated via John C. that our IRS tax papers, due in May are almost complete.

Jenna presented a sample of the newsletter, with interesting features in it.
Report on the Lighting booth tabled for nothing as yet been done. Emphasis was placed to be sure to contact Jim Hart for more details of the job .

Jenna asked that we vote on placing an ad in the Concord Theater Program for $25. in April. It would give us more exposure.

Much time was discussed on the job description of our maintenance person. Property Manager was suggested in place of maintenance person. Meggin D is making up the job description with the suggestions handed in by the board, and e-mailing it to them. The pay rate was voted on and will stay the same $200 monthly with work reports handed in to the board each month. Voted on by motion by Jon M, seconded by Jan P. and it passed with one Abstention.

Storage: It was tabled. Bob Charron still needs to be contacted to sort out what is needed, and what to discard. It was suggested that the money saved by putting props and scenery in another location should be put in a Storage Fund for the future. John C. said that a percentage of the ticket sale receipts should also go to the fund.

Strongly emphasized was the fact that directors and producers should insist that their staff submit budgets for their production and have a voucher system to more accurately record expenses.
Andrew Pinard, will be taking the seats out of storage by the end of March.

Fire Code inspection is coming up and it is hoped that the minor infractions from the last report, would be taken care of by then.

Moving the Present Office: a target date in May is the time to move the office. There is a need for two file cabinets that lock.

Shows: "While the Lights were out" Everything is proceeding in good order. A lot of sickness around, but the cast is working through it. the lights and sound effects are in good shape and there is a need for strobe light.
Autumn Garden is scheduled to open in April the last week and first week in May.
Encore Dance Troupe will again in May use our theater for their recital. Ernie B and Jon M. will co-ordinate coverage for them.
Memorial and Dame awards. Bernie and Mal Cameron will be coordinating that again this year with their committee.
Encore: Jeff G. will be working on the production for Steele Hill.
Membership list: Tracy R. is melding all the known lists and making a master list for the membership of the Pittsfield Players.
Tabled the Ads and Ticket Sales discussion.
T.J. Rand submitted a bill for $70.00 for the DVD duplications that were done of the shows, but according to Jan P. some are not working properly so there is a hold up on giving him the money.
Meeting closed at 9:15P.M. with the motion coming from John C and seconded by Ernie B.

Submitted by Jon C. Martin, secretary.