Meeting called to order by Meggin at 7:00 pm. Present were: Meggin Dail, John Charron, Jan Pinard, Ernest Bass, Jeff Gregoire, and Jon Martin.

Secretary's report was accepted as typed, motion made by John C and seconded by Jan. Treasurer's Report was handed out and a motion to accept it was made by Jan P. and seconded by Ernie B.

Lighting booth: Ernie B said that Jim Hart would have all his electrical work done so he could put in the sub-floor and dry wall in and have everything finished by August before the inspection to bring it up to code. .

Job Description for Property Manager(copy filed with minutes.) Motion was made by John C. and was seconded by Jeff G. to be accepted with added items: Make a report for work done and how long it took. Give that list to the Board. Jan will make check lists for supplies making it easier to get them when needed.

Storage: In reference to new building out back 20X30. Jeff attended a Planning Board meeting and we need a 5 ft. variance. Need to find out whether the Planning Board needs a surveyed or a certified plot plan. Suggestion was made to have building out of metal or wood. Cost differences are being looked into.
Our present storage space is to be renovated to make an apartment rent by the new owners.

Fire & Code Inspection: It went well, but we still must look to the future for a sprinkler system throughout the building. There are a few things on the list because the code is ever changing. there may be surprise inspections (possibly an hour before a performance) Need to train the House Manager and Ushers how to use the fire extinguishers and execute an exit plan. John C. suggested Extinguishers signs be in obvious places to see. John C. is looking into getting them. Occupancy permit comes with a letter from the fire department. Our house is for 160.

Moving Office: Jan and Jon are waiting for a crew to remove what was tagged. We are in need of Fire Proof File Cabinets. Shelving needed for new office area. They could be put around the walls. Meggin and Tracy will sort out old paint and discard it on May 20th.

Membership: Tracy will update the list. John C has new members from the cards passed out during "While the Lights were out" show. Out of 348 who attended the show, 100 cards, with 64 e-mail addresses
were collected.

Forms were passed out by John C. showing how expenditures for anything should be noted for the bookkeeper to make an accurate report. He handed out the 08 budget for comments. John C. made a motion to set aside from now on 10% of the profit from shows to used in a Major Repair Fund. It was seconded by Jeff. Also John presented a purchase order form to be voted on to use from now on. Jeff made a motion to accept this procedure and seconded by Ernie.

Autumn Garden Wrap-up.; Was considered an excellent show and we wished that more people were there to see it. Need to look at the timing for shows and not have them too close to one another. It was mentioned that maybe have comedy in spring and drama in winter.

Need to keep the Encore Dance Troupe around the middle of May. They are a good revenue for the theater. Meggin is making up the 08 -09- calendar.

Dame Awards: Should have them in the beginning of September. Mal and Bernie will be contacted to form a committee.

Encore: "Secrets every Smart traveler should know" will be ready for Steele Hill. There is still a need for soprano. Need about 50 people a performance to break even with expenses. Proposed dates to perform for the benefit of the Players will be September 7 and 8. Encore will also be doing the Home Day show at the theater.

Bye bye Birdie: No update.


Tax exemption was denied by the Selectmen and there is more information needed which has already been given them There is a question as to whether we are a charitable organization. Meggin as president will respond with more information needed in hopes that it will pass. If there need be, a change in our by-laws will be made to make the organization more acceptable to the Board of Selectmen.

Program Book: Mike Pszonowsky was in charge of that, and it was suggested that Bea Pszonowsky may want to take up where Mike left off. Tracy Remington will also be asked to get ads for the book.

On-line Ticket Sales: AACT was interested in setting up a program that would take our credit and debit cards to pay for the tickets. This was voted down because there was too much involved for so few people. Access to a money machine is across the street if someone needs it.

Annual Meeting June 23rd. with rain date 24th. at the Charron Compound. We shall have a short business meeting before the Pittsfield Player's Family Outing. Committee consists of members of the Board. The day will be 1-5pm. Jon will make an organizational chart and have a volunteer sheet for sign ups for the coming year.

Costume Rentals: Because of the quality of many costumes, we now shall have a rental fee for groups only to rent costumes. It will be $5. per item and the check will be fully refunded if costumes have been cleaned and returned in good order. Jan will coordinate this effort. We discourage rentals to individuals. No one is to take ANY costume off the rack without permission.

Community Action: Jon M. will look into this volunteer request.

Building across street: Everything that the Players want has been removed. The building will be demolished at a future date. No one should be entering the building anymore.

New E-Mail: To consolidate the theater's communication effort a new address has been established: scenic.theater@gmail.com This if also for the membership.

Nominations for the Board: Jan and Ernie's terms are up so the board is looking for nominations to serve. The newsletter will contain some of the information and at the annual meeting nominations from the floor will be accepted.

Fund Raisers: We have been asked to man the food concession at the balloon rally from 4-8:30 at the Rotary Balloon Rally, first weekend in August. We need 10 people for this effort. Jon will have a volunteer chart for this event at the annual meeting.

Clothing Swap fund raiser: Bring your clothes and swap them with others. $10.00 admission fee and go home with new outfits. Jenna VanValen King will have more particulars.

Town Yard Sale: On June 2. A clean-up effort for the third floor will be May 20th. Meggin and Tracy will co-ordinate.

Next meeting is June 21 at 7:00 PM
Motion to adjourn was made by John C, and seconded by Jeff G.
Adjourned at 9:15PM

Submitted by Jon Martin, Secretary.

Meggin Dail
President, Pittsfield Players, Board of Directors