The meeting was held on July 16th.  It began at 7:15 called by President Meggin.
Board members present were:  Meggin, Ernie, John C., Jon M, (absent: Jan).  Guests present were:  Jay Sydow, Jenna Van Valen King, Gerri Casey, Tracy Remington and Jeff Gregoire.

Jenna gave us the treasurer's mail, consisting of insurance bills and a Tax to Pittsfield for 1617.00 which was paid.   John Charron, the new Treasurer will be meeting with Jenna to officially hand over the books and sign the required cards for the transfer of the office, by the end of July.
Treasurer's report was accepted

The motion was made by the president to appoint Jeff Gregoire to fill Frank Kirwin's position on the board.  Nomination was seconded and unanamously approved.

Dame Awards:  Awards set for September 9th at 7:10 P.M. with a Social at 6:00 PM.

Lighting Booth:  Ernie is to set up a meeting with Jim to finish off the renovations of the booth with the help of Joel, Matt and other volunteers.

SHOWS:  Blame it on Movies had it's first run and was a success at Steele Hill Resort.   For Friday OHD performance Gerri will be house manager.

Alejandro's Majik Show had no report because Jan was not in attendance.

Best Whore House:  Director is coming end of July with Rob Dionne as Musical Director  Auditions are in late August with the show on the second and third weekends of November.

Christmas Show:  Jenna will give Jon who is co-ordinating this event the list of the names of the local churches to have him contact before the end of August, the choir directors to see if there cana be a Festival of Choirs for the first week in December. It was stated that there should be a nativity scene also in the show.


2007Docket:  Meggin asked John if he was to direct a show during this season, and he has two thrillers in mind.  More details will be forthcoming. Meggin will direct Autumn Garden, Maye will direct children's Guy's and Dolls.  The Musical for the season will be Bye, Bye, Birdie.  A reason given is that many of the young people are too old for the CTW, yet too young for the adults so this in between time was a good selection to keep their interest.

Float:  Tracy is working hard with her crew to have the Pirates of Broadway for the float at the OHD on Saturday the 21st of July.  All props, costumes and skeletons are ready.

Oher Business: 
The representative for the New Hampshire Theater Awards (NHTA ) Mo Demers will finish out her term and in December there will be another appointed to her position  Since Ernie is the only adjudicator beside Mo, it behooves us to up the amount of adjudicators.  Meggin is looking into how many we are allowed. .

Mo has resigned as our representative to the New Hampshire Community Theater Association (NHCTA)  effective immediately. It is important to have an active participation in this organization especially for next year "07 to have an entry in competiltion.  Instead of four shows as year, count this one as a fifth.

The next board meeting will be on August 7th at the theatre at 7:00 PM.  There will be a committee of the Dames Awards at 6:00 the same evening.

meeting adjourned at 8:13pm.

Gratefully submitted by Jon Martin, Sec