Minutes of Meeting of August 16th 2007 of Pittsfield Players. In attendance were: Outgoing president Meggin Dail, Jan Pinard, Jeff Gregoire, John Charron, Jon Martin. Absent was Jenna VanValen. Guests were: Kat Abdelwahid, Tracy Remington.

Meeting opened at: 7:10 PM.

Tracy turned Ernie's Keys in since he is now off the board. The Secretaries' report was read and accepted Motion made by John C and seconded by Jeff G. Treasurers' report was read and accepted. Report to be placed on file for the auditor. The treasurer mentioned the need to tighten up policy for spending, insisting on vouchers and signature sheets. June/July account: $1689 in the red, with $19,940 for total cash assets in our accounts. Ask that we mail in requests for payments of bills rather than just hand them to him.

Nominations for Officers 07-08. The slate was made up and presented for vote. It includes: President Jeff Gregoire Vice-President Meggin Dail, Treasurer Jon Martin, and Secretary John Charron. Members at Large were Jan Pinard, Jenna Van Valen King. A motion for a slate vote was made by John C. and seconded by Jan P.

Old Business: Lighting Booth. Jeff with Ernie Bass will help coordinate the rest of the work (wall board and floor covering) with volunteers who work on the scenery. Needs to be done by the October Fire Inspection.

Property Managers list: Jan P is still working on it and will have it for the September meeting. She asked that a bill be paid now for the archive collection of our plays, which are now on CD's. Thanks to Jim Hart for working on them to make sure they are presentable for playing. Brigadoon needs to be re-done.

Storage: Jeff still needs to talk to Bob Charron and work out details especially the survey plans before anything else is done.

There is no question that the membership list which Tracy is hard at work updating needs to be ready as soon as possible to
begin the membership drive. Codes are in place to identify what role the member has e.g. Advertising, getting newsletter, or paid member.

Hobsons are to be considered to help Jenna with the newsletter because of her expanding commitments. It was voted to now have a Bi- Monthly (every other month) newsletter from now on, unless there is a special need for another mailing. To increase our E-mail addresses and send an on line newsletter would save considerable in postage charges. John C made motion and Meggin D. seconded it.

Tax Exempt Update: Meggin D. gave the Selectmen a packet containing all the requested documentation requested by the selectmen, for an exempt status. We are waiting now for their answer.

Advertising for program: Since the passing of Mike Pszonowsky who did a fantastic job in collecting ads for the program book, no one has stepped up to the challenge. If was suggested that we try to get some volunteers in the newsletter, to carry on the wonderful job Mike P did for the theater.

Annual Meeting Wrap Up: Wonderful time was had by all who attended, and it was suggested that an earlier notification date be
sent to assure more people to attend.

Shows: costumer's Borrowing Agreement
Jan Pinard put together a form for the borrowing of costumes and it was approved by the board. Meggin D. made the motion and John C. seconded.

Encore: Jeff reported it was doing extremely well with the highest number in attendance (101) Unfortunately the royalties are high and we need to look at non-royalty show for the future if possible. Everyone has been extremely pleased with this one: "What every smart traveler should know."

Dame awards: September 15th Appetizers at 6:30 and show at 7:30. Board members are asked to bring food along with the committee and members. A lot of work goes into the event, and thoughts of changing the format for next year were mentioned. Elsie Morse will MC this show.

Bye Bye Birdie: nothing on it
Best Christmas Pageant ever. Elsie Morse is directing it,
Undecided what the Kid's show will be
Rumors: John Charron Directing. Auditions will be in December.

Fundraisers: Middle East Night: Kat A talked about having an evening with Middle East theme, dancers etc. and food. Looking into more details for next meeting

Pampered Chef: Jenna K will still coordinate this effort.

Rotary dinners: 2nd and 4th Wednesdays. Good increase in volunteers since the annual meeting. New People are cooking and helping.

Old Business: Joel has fixed all the open holes and called the electric company to fix
an outside wire holder.

Next meeting is September 20th Motion was made to close the meeting by John C. and seconded by Meggin D. It closed at 8:40 PM

Submitted for the last time by Jon Martin, secretary