Minutes of the Board of Directors Meeting

Thursday 18 August 2005

Meeting was opened at 7PM by President Meggin Dail

Present at meeting were: President Meggin Dail, Jenna King, Frank Kirwin, Ernie Bass, Jan Pinard

Excused: Maye Hart

Guests: Tracy Remmington, Dennis Bunnell

Minutes of Meeting 21 July 2005 read by Secretary Frank Kirwin, Approved by Board

Treasurer's Report by Treasurer Jenna King meeting with Mo has not taken place report tabled till next meeting

Old Business:

Second means of egress: Meeting took place with Meggin, Maye and the Fire Chief Tim Stickney. The Chief has approved the proposal of a spiral staircase with specifications he gave to Meggin. The board is in agreement that this project be completed as soon as possible.

It was discussed the we need to clean out the building across the street of all the things we want to keep and move them across the street to our new storage building. A time and date was set to meet and clean out the building we will meet with any other people that wish to help on Sat the 20th of Aug at 8AM.

Meggin will hand out the by-laws so that all the members can read and discuss the by-laws at the meetings to come. We will discuss the by-laws a part at a time.


Costume shop: The costume shop needs more improvement and a better defined entrance and exit to and from the room. It was noticed that there was a lot of work done and it has come a long way and we are on the right track. A big thanks to Jan Pinard for all her work done to the shop.

Phones: Meggin will contact Verizon to have them look into our phone problems.

Keys: Tracy will be getting locks and keys so that we may change them without cost to the Players.

Plaque: The LCHIP plaque has been put in place in the lobby.

Old Home day float: Our entrance took 2nd Place

Shows: ILYYPNC is doing very well and the Players were asked if we could put on an extra performance.

Annie: Additions for Annie and orphans Sun 21 Aug 2005 at 2PM, Adults and Teens Mon 22 Aug at 7PM, Call Backs are for Tue 23 Aug at 7PM

North Pole Express will be meeting on Wed Sep 7th and auditions are on Oct 1st at 2PM. I was asked to give information to the children auditioning for Annie if not cast please audition for this.

Music Man Jr.

Bus Stop/Play it Again Sam: Need Directors


New Business:

A letter was read by Meggin that she received from the building inspector and he wishes to have a meeting to discuss violations. A letter was sent to the inspector from Meggin we have not received any letter from him or his office about violations about the theater and we would be willing to meet with him at his convenience

A letter was read by Meggin from the Fire Chief he is happy with the progress we are making but there is still more work to be done.

We transferred our fuel account to Davis Fuels of Epsom and they gave us an extension so that we meet the deadline for a discount on the purchase of buying in advance.

Tracy has volunteered to help recruit high school kids to help with things we need done so they may get hours needed for community service towards graduation requirements.


Fund-raisers: We need to add more people to our newsletter so we may apply for non-profit postage

It was also recommended by our guest Dennis Bunnel that we try to add some plays to the summer schedule.

Meeting adjourned at 8:35 PM

Next meeting: 15 Sep 2005 at 7PM

Respectively submitted Frank Kirwin Secretary