Minutes of the Board of Directors Meeting

Thursday 15 September 2005

Meeting was opened at 7PM By President Meggin

Present at meeting: President Meggin, VP Maye, Secretary Frank, Treasurer Jenna, Members at Large Jan and Ernie

Guests: Irene Hall, Maria Hall

Guest Irene sas present at meeting and presented a check to the board for the last Rotary Supper. She also proposed a play for Competition for 3rd or 4th weekend of Sep 06. Also presented an Idea for a one-act show in the Jan 05 or Feb o6 time frame with Mo as Director and Irene as Assistant Director to present at the Community Center, As a Dessert presentation. Script will follow. And one act plays at the theater as fundraisers. The proposals were discussed, and the Board will take these proposals under consideration and make decisions after reading the scripts. Also ILYYPNC was a complete success.

Minutes of the Special Board Meeting Wednesday 7 September 2005 were read. This meeting was to discuss the second egress from the second floor. A motion was made and seconded to have the job bid on by contractors and to have the job done by contractors. Tracy as the Committee Chair, will move forward with this if the job can meet the Board’s money and time requirements for this project. A motion was made to keep cost under $5.000. Only addition to plan is that Chief Stickney stated we need a fire door at both the top and bottom of the stairwell. And rack in hall can stay as is.

Minutes of Meeting 18 August 2005 read by Secretary Frank and approved by Board. Minutes of Special Meeting 7 September with the following corrections: The titles of Secretary and Treasurer were in error and were changed to read correct.

Treasurer's Report By Treasurer Jenna, Approved by Board Recommendation from Jenna to put the amount of $25.00 into a savings account each month.

Old Business:

Second means of egress: See minutes of Special Meeting above.

Storage across the street: Waiting for more information, Annie set pieces are out and moved for Jim to use.

Revisiting the By-Laws: Board discussed Article UII 7.1 - STANDING COMMITTEES After board completes review changes as needed will be published. And voted on by general membership.

Costume shop: more culling as stated by President Meggin progress is being made.Oct 1st 9-12 need to thin out more costumes and other items.

Phones: Phone Lines are fixed note: as of September 20 Phone Lines are not fixed.

Keys: Keys were distributed

Plaque Placement: Has been done and picture has been taken and will be E mailed to LCHIP.

Marquee Locks: Should be in shortly (may already be in)

Rotary Phone Tree/Volunteer List: Meggin will take on this chore.

Empty Fuzz's Trailer: Jan will find out how much stuff is in trailer and will let board know.

Lighting Booth Project: Maye will check with Jim and let board know the progress.

Other Old Business: None


ILYYPNC: Show was well received and Larry would love to have a similar show next year.

Annie: Going well, Set call this weekend.

North Pole Express: Staring out fine.

Music Man Jr: Planned for 2006 Children's Theater Workshop

Bus Stop: Still in planning stage need director.

Play it Again Sam: Still in planning stage need director.

Competition/Festival: Tabled till next meeting

Steel Hill 2006:

New Business: Maye asked if Shows Birdie and Whore house schedule could be switched. Board agreed. Birdie 2007 Whore House 2006

Season Tickets: One sold, printing is in progress 40 ordered. Price will be $45.00 per ticket.

Monetary Donations: we are getting some. And articles will go into the monthly news letter and personal letters to donors.

Annie Box Office: Getting volunteers, as many board members are involved in Annie.

Set Date(s) for more work sessions: Tabled by Meggin till after Oct 1st.

Committee ideas: List will be published.

One more Rotary Dinner? Boy and Girl Scouts could not do last few dinners due to open bar. Players may pick up some extra dinners if we can get volunteers.

Theater Maintenance Log: Need a log to be set up so that projects and items that may be needed restocked. Log needs to be made. Meggin will make log.

Board Members Email addresses: To read (board members name) @ Pittsfield Players.com. All in favor except Jan.

Website Calender: Not all have looked at it yet. Need a new logo. Also update news and notes.

Proving Fire Proofing: Need to search for any paper work proving done. Also possibility of globe testing all of our material for fireproofing. Frank will also search through all folders from Treasurer.

Ad Program Book: Mike Pszonowsky was not asked over the summer to do it so he didn't. But he was willing to do it for us again this year.

"To Do" List: Fire code list was read by Meggin. Progress is being made.

Other New Business: Frank said he will be working on the office space as time allows and as secretary he will make office a workable area. Please do not move things around he will make files for everyone.

Newsletter/Membership/mail: Jen wants to send thank you letters to contributors and put thank you in newsletter.

Fund-raisers: Jen also mentioned Jim Riel to possibly perform with his group to help raise money for the Pittsfield Players. Board voted to do this

Meeting adjourned at 9:29PM

Respectively submitted Frank Kirwin Secretary