Minutes of the Board of Directors Meeting

Thursday 20 October 2005

Meeting was opened at 7:20pm by President Meggin Dail

Present at meeting: President Meggin, Vice President: Maye, Secretary: Frank, Treasurer: Jenna, Members at Large: Jan and Ernie

Guests: Dennis Bunnell

Minutes of 15 Sep 2005: Read by Secretary Frank, Minutes were accepted and approved by the board as read.

Treasurer's Report: Read by Treasurer Jenna, Report was accepted and approved by the board.

Old Business: Update on egress, Tracy investigating 3 bids as of this date submitted. And building permit has been issued to the players for this project.

Keys: Meggin wishes to make sure all keys are issued to the proper people and accounted for. Anyone holding keys needs to bring them in at the next meeting. Keys for the filing cabinet were issued. Keys to storage building in back are in the ticket booth.

Lighting Booth Project:

Jim has been working on this project and it is moving along to be ready for inspection by Chris Ward.

Proving fire proofing: No paperwork has been found to prove fireproofing on the materials that need it. Meggin will take swatches to Globe Firefighting Company to test these materials for fireproofing.

Ad program book: Ad information was given to Board members to pursue donations for Ads.

Other: Maye expressed concern about the storage building in back that the door is not secure. Meggin will bring this up with Joel.

Shows: Update on Annie by Maye. All moving along except for the set which is moving along slowly. Box office open dates discussed. North Pole Express: Question about tree fake vs live and it was mentioned that it has to be a fake tree. Fiddler Contest: Ernie was asked and accepted doing lights etc. for that show. Music Man Jr: John Charron will be Assistant Director. Maye needs to order scripts shortly. Auditions will be Sun Dec 18th at 3pm and Mon Dec 19th at 4pm. 2006 Shows: Directors and Steele Hill, Bus Stop, Play it Again Sam and Best Little Whore House in Texas. Dennis will Direct Best Little Whore House in Texas, Meggin will Produce, and Ernie is Set Foreman. Dennis addressed the Board about things needed. Music, Set, Lighting Board. Question as to how strict he needs to adhere to updated Production Manuel. Answer by Meggin was he needs to but some things may be negotiable. Such as read thru and Tech day. Dennis also had a question about how many shows should be done and what night should show open Thurs or Fri. Bus Stop: Play it Again Sam need Directors a number of people want to Direct and Assistant Direct. Mal cannot direct the first show in 2006 but he is interested in directing.

Ernie would Co Direct with Mal and do Bus Stop and Bernie as Producer. Board feels that this can be done. Mal will be approached by Meggin to see if he wants to Direct this show. John Charon will Direct Play it Again Sam with Frank as Asst Director (Later updated - Bea Pszonowsky will Asst direct, Frank will assist Meggin on Autumn Garden in 2007). Steele Hill: Board will read some short shows for presentation to the board for discussion and decision as to what play to do. Steele Hill wants some more shows as we just did. It was a great success. Jim Reil: Need to find a date for him to come in and perform. Encore Dance Troupe: will be 1st weekend in June. Production Meetings: Meggin would like to be invited to all production meetings in the future.

New Business: Presentation of Globe Plaque. Rotary Christmas, 2nd Wed in Dec. Irene will cook. Need volunteers and entertainment. Other: Work session 27 Nov 1-3pm on the 3rd floor. Commemorative Plates for Annie will be sold before and during intermission at shows. Tom will handle the sales of tickets. We also have Annie VHS tapes to raffle off. PYW will do refreshments for all Annie shows.

Next meeting will be 17 November 2005 at 7PM

Meeting adjourned at 8:55pm

Respectively submitted by Frank Kirwin Secretary