Minutes of the Board of Directors Meeting Thursday 17 November 2005

Meeting was opened at 7:10pm by President Meggin

Present at meeting: President: Meggin, Vice President: Maye, Secretary: Frank, Treasurer: Jenna

Guests: Tracy Remington, Mal Cameron, Jeff Gregoire

Tracy presented her proposal that she had so far concerning the playhouse egress. She presented three bids from contractors. And proposal that Bob Charron do the work. After discussion there was a motion and seconded that we award the contract to Tepper Contractor's the board voted and approved proposal. Also approved for Tracy to order the doors for this project.

Minutes of 20 October 2005: Read by secretary Frank. Minutes were accepted by the board as read.

Treasurer's Report: Read by Treasurer Jenna. Report was accepted and approved by the board.

Old Business:

Rotary Christmas Dinner & Entertainment. Rotary wanted to know how much this dinner would cost? It was decided after discussion that we would charge $20.00 per person. The entertainment was also discussed and Jeff would get back to Meggin with more information on it after speaking to the cast.

Keys: Keys were brought in and distributed to board members as much as possible some of the keys will still have to be located or reproduced. Set needs to be made for the Directors and called the Director's set of keys and labeled as such.

Lighting Booth: Some more strapping was done and project will be completed hopefully after Annie. Need the electrical work approved.

Ad Program Books: Jenna would like add thanks contributors.

Shed: Joel fixed the shed.

Proof of Fire Proofing: Meggin still working on it. Maye has bought rolls of cloth from Rosebran she will see if she can obtain certificates from them.


Encore dance troupe Maye talked to Diane and she said she will have to do it over the memorial day weekend.


Annie recap Annie doing well. Some small problems but nothing to slow down the show. Maye wants pictures taken during show. Plate sales doing fine made $100.00 so far. Intermission is being drawn out to about 30 mins. One problem is no bathrooms at PYW and patrons go there for snacks then come back here for the bathroom. This problem will be further discussed at a future time.



Publicity: Meggin discussed publicity for the plays. We need to be aware of deadlines for this and need to submit request for this in a timely manner. It was also mentioned that the Producer should stay on top of this and check with the publicity chairman constantly. Meggin will have more Production Manuals printed up. Problems with the Concord Monitor were discussed. After much discussion it was decided that publicity will have to be revisited.

Programs: Need to give ourselves more time to type it proof it and send it in for printing in a timely manner. And if needed ask for help when you need it.

The North Pole Express: Children are doing fine Adults some need help. Jeff will be doing some set work at home.Tickets will be available Sun. Tickets will be limited to 10 per family.Ad will be delivered to the Sun by Frank by wed. Box office Frank will do Sat and Meggin will ask Jan to do Sun. Jeff is confidant that the play will be real good. And will pick up a tree and keep it stored safely

Music Man Jr: Maye stated that she signed the contract ant cost will be approx $500.00 for royalties books and other supplies. John has set designed but Maye has not seen them yet. Auditioned are 18th and 19th of December. Moving along well. Will be buying canvas for flats being used.

Play it again Sam:

Bus Stop: Mal the Director stated he was excited to be Directing this show. He has had a few production meetings. Asked what the board thought about play dates weekend nights and matinee or just evening plays. He was told that he would have to make that decision. And will be needing help in the future. And will be putting together a complete production team soon. It was suggest that he should contact A.J. for sound effects.

Steele Hill: Maye mentioned a play called Putting it Together. Also so a silly play called Extra Extra. Also Blame it on the Movies and liked it very much, Hot Macado being another, Hamlet Cha Cha Cha will round out her submissions.

Need a date for Jim Riel. Jenna will get the date.

New Business: Work session reminder Nov 27th Encore Closet needs to be cleaned out. Question by Meggin is do we need to have that closet? Discussion by Maye about possibility of Richard Plante be approached to talk about cleaning the theater and other things as needed.

Meeting adjourned at 9:45pm

Respectively submitted by Frank Kirwin