Minutes of the Board of Directors Special Meeting

Wednesday 7 September 2005

Meeting was opened at 7PM by President Meggin Dail

Present at meeting was: President Meggin, Vice President Maye, Secretary Jenna, Treasurer Frank, Members at large Jan and Ernie

Guests: Fire Chief Tim Stickney, Tracy Remmington, Joel Dail, Jim Hart

Purpose of this meeting is to discuss the second egress from the building from the second floor.

A plan to build a exit from the second floor was presented to the board by Jim Hart. The proposal was to build a staircase from the second floor sewing and costume room to the backstage area on the first floor. Jim took the board and guest down to the backstage area to explain his plan. The Fire Chief had some questions about a few items. Those questions were the location of the fire door, Fire rating for the door Tracy said she would provide a 90 rated door, if we could carpet the stairs, 5/8 sheet rock would be required for the stairway, Size of steps whether they be 3" or 3 ". Chief Stickney will get back to us with those and any other concerns he may have.

The Board then went upstairs to continue meeting.

Other things discussed were keys to the building. Tracy stated that she gave 10 keys to Meggin to distribute to the Board members. Meggin did this and gave key #8 to Jim Hart so that he may have access to the building for the construction of the Annie set. Explained that these keys could not be duplicated except at a certain key maker in Concord. A question as to when the push-button lock would be installed Tracy said about two weeks.

In discussing the egress the main concern is to have the work done in a timely manner with little or no impact on the rehearsal of Annie. The Board was in agreement and that every effort would be made to accomplish this. Our funds were also discussed to see how much money may be used if need be for this project. A quick discussion was made about the possibility of a mortgage on the property. Also a suggestion was made by Jim to find another place for storage other than next door so we wouldn't have to pay $400.00 for rent each month.

The question was presented by President Meggin if anyone wants to head up the project of a second egress. Tracy volunteered to head up this project and Jim Hart said that he would help in any manner he could. Jim said he would update the drawing that he made for the stairwell. Tracy mentioned all the material that would be donated. Stairs were mentioned by Jim asking if those would be donated. Tracy stated that we have already 20 stairs next door.

Jim asked if they were stair treads next door Tracy said a complete set for 20 steps. Jim asked so he may have an idea if they can be used for the project. Tracy mentioned the items that we would have to purchase other than what she has or can get donated by Rivco. Tracy wanted to know if any of the stair kit would be used for other things so that she can obtain more if they would be used. President Meggin asked Maye if she would need them for Annie and Maye said no that Jim would be getting the stairs. Jim was asked by Tracy to e- mail her the supplies needed for the project.

The donation of the doors for the lobby area was discussed. Will the doors match the historic value of the theater was one question. The opinion of the Board is that the doors would not match the decor of the building. Further we do not want to store the doors for possible future use and the Board by majority voted that we do not store the doors. Tracy mentioned that maybe the players at Wolfboro would like to have them so this would be looked into.

The ticket booth door was also discussed because of the wind blowing thru the door. It was mention by Jim that weather stripping on the outside doors may help this situation. It was the consensus of the board that we weather strip the outside doors. Tracy can get the material and asked Jim if he would tell her how much to get Jim said he will do this. Tracy will continue to look for lobby doors we can use.

Marquee locks were discussed and Tracy said she can obtain the locks and keys in a set of six. Jim said he did put in new locks but the keys were to flimsy and kept breaking. It was approved by the board for Tracy to buy the six lock sets for the Marquis at $4.50 per set.

President Meggin mentioned that there will be a cleanup party across the street this Saturday at 8am. Tracy also talked to school about having teens from the school to help with this cleanup across the street and they would possibly be able to send a few they will let Tracy know. President Meggin mentioned moving the rack in the upstairs hall Jim asked why the rack needed to be moved Meggin said the Fire Chief said to. Jim's question is do we have to move it now that we are putting in the stairway? Meggin said she would check with the Fire Chief. Jim's concern is that the shelves are screwed into the wall.

President Meggin Thanked Tracy for all her work in obtaining all the equipment she has got. This was echoed by the complete Board. Thanks also to Jim for being at the meeting and his input. Also thanks to Joel for attending.

Maye then informed the Board that there may be times during rehearsal she may have to be absent for family issues (ie sickness of her father)and told the Board she has confidence in the people around her that the play will go just fine.

President Meggin adjourned the meeting at 8:50pm