Board of Directors Meeting
July 8, 2003

The meeting was called to order at 7:00 p.m. Present at the meeting were Maye Hart, Meggin Dail, Mo Demers and T.J. Rand. Jim Hart was a guest.

The first order of business was to elect officers for the Board for the upcoming year. It was decided that T.J. Rand would serve as President, Meggin Dail as Vice President, Mo Demers as Treasurer, and Maye Hart as Secretary. Ernie Bass and Jan Pinard would serve at-large.

Mo Demers delivered the minutes of the June 3 meeting orally. The minutes were accepted as presented.

The Treasurer's Report was presented as accepted.

In the discussion regarding shows, Meggin reported a small snafu last week at Steele Hill, where the Encore troupe was not paid for the whole performance due to the fact that Steele Hill did not have enough cash on hand after the dinner and show. Dee Dee Pitcher, the director, will be attempting to straighten out the situation this week. The Encore troupe will be at the theater on Friday, July 11, 2003 for the Old Home Days Concert. Lori Smock-Joyal will be house manager. Ushers have been recruited. Meggin will be painting the Encore benches prior to the show. An article about the concert will appear on this week's Suncook Valley Sun front page. Ticket sales have been slow. Mo Demers made some posters and they've been put up around town.

Maye Hart then talked about State Fair. Many flats will be needed for the set, and she discussed the pros and cons of removing the canvas from the old flats and replacing it with Tyvek or with Luann. After a discussion, it was decided that State Fair would use Tyvek, and we would decide about Luann covering at a later date. Maye then talked about purchasing a large amount of muslin for the backdrop and sharing the cost of the muslin with the theater, as it will be reusable. A MOTION was made to split the cost of the muslin between State Fair and the Players and it was ACCEPTED with no dissent. Projected cost of the muslin is about $600.

A discussion ensued regarding ticket prices for State Fair as well as other musicals. A MOTION was made to raise the cost of tickets to our musicals to $15.00 per ticket, and it was ACCEPTED by a majority. Tickets for State Fair will be $10 for the Dress Rehearsal, $12 for the Sunday matinee, and $15 for all other performances.

T.J. Rand then discussed the possible dates for the Christmas Brass Concert, and it was decided that the concert would be held on Friday and Saturday, December 5 and 6, at 7:30 p.m. each night. There would be a dress rehearsal on Thursday, December 4. The Board agreed to decorate the theater for the concert, and it was decided that we would use the hanging Christmas tree legs as a backdrop. Mo said she would do the lights; Jim Hart will do the lighting design.

Children's Theater Workshop will be performed the week of February 16 - 20. Maye is sending away for a perusal of Godspell, Jr.

A Thousand Clowns auditions were tentatively scheduled for January 25 and 26, with performance dates of March 12, 13, 14, 19 and 20. Meggin has an ad in the Suncook Valley Sun looking for radios and they are also looking for clocks. Meggin, as a producer, will set up a one-on-one meeting with Michael Chagnon while Maye, the other producer, is busy with State Fair.

Meggin tentatively set auditions for Twelve Angry Men for March 21 and 22, with show dates of May 7, 8, 9, 14 and 15. It was noted that these dates would give Encore more than a month of stage time to rehearse before their opening in late June.

T.J. reported that he has already had production meeting with the costumers for 1776, and that they are gathering items for that show. He also mentioned that he will begin a web page of notes regarding the 1776 project. Maye asked that 1776, next year's fall musical, not overshadow the production of this fall's musical State Fair, and it was agreed by all that that would not happen.

Under Old Business, the structural issues on the second floor were tabled until Jim Hart can ascertain additional information.

The Façade project is almost half completed. Nat Ewing is doing well with the project. Once he is half finished, Maye will contact LCHIP for more of the grant money. Nat will be matching the paint colors that are already on the façade.

A discussion ensued regarding the marquees and the keys to the marquees. Apparently only one key is now functional in the locks, and this key has often been taken from the theater so Board members do not have access to the marquees. The key has been returned. It was decided that Maye would ask Nat Ewing if he would be interested in rebuilding the marquees, and that if he was interested, she would get a bid from him. It was suggested that new marquees could be lighted. In the meantime, a MOTION was made to purchase new locks for the marquees and it was ACCEPTED with no dissent. Joel Dail will be handling the new lock project.

Meggin will be consolidating all the Production Manual information from Jan, Maye and her notes. The finished Production Manual must be finished by January 1, 2004, hopefully sooner. The Manual will be posted as part of our website, and we will have hard copies available as well.

Jim Hart reported that the staging for the theater is in stock and he will be picking it up in the near future. He also added that he will fix the Monster ladder so that it is safer to use.

The fencing of the back of the theater is proceeding, with fence posts to be installed Thursday, July 10, 2003.

The Bridal Sale was not well attended, only five dresses were sold. The Committee (Bernie Cameron) will be looking into participating in some Bridal Shows locally in the next few months. The idea is to hang onto the dresses and then maybe look for a better time or venue for selling them.

Mo Demers is still looking into the approved purchase of computer accounting software. A purchase of a laptop computer was discussed and rejected. Jim Hart suggested she look into a web site run by Intuit, where you can access the program and use it online rather that purchasing it. Mo will look into that and into other programs for purchase.

Maye reported that Mike Pszonowsky is off and running with the Ad Campaign sales. There was a discussion about printing cost taking up much of the income from the ads, and it was decided that we will look at those costs and how to reduce them when we come to print the next ad book.

We discussed clean-up days for both the Gray Building and the Costume shop. It was decided to appoint Ernie Bass chairman of the clean-up across the street, and Jan Pinard chairman of the Costume clean-up. Both will select a date for their project. T.J. will notify Jan, Meggin will notify Ernie.

It was decided to schedule Movie Day at the Scenic, where members could drop in to see a retrospective of Players' shows, on Sunday, August 17, from 2 p.m. on into the evening. T.J. and Meggin will handle all the details.

T.J. announced that he now has a Master Calendar on the Website, so Directors and any one else who is scheduling rehearsals, clean-up days, or any major use of the theater should contact him so that it can be posted. Postings will be made on a first-come, first-serve basis. Directors can also plan their rehearsal schedules by visiting the Master Calendar. It was also decided to post the calendar in the newsletter monthly. The Board will be asking members to check the calendar schedule for rehearsals and other events.

A fairly long discussion ensued regarding the need for a Publicity Chairman from the Board as an overseer for all the shows in order to maintain a minimum standard for publicity for all shows. The new Production Manual creates a Publicity Chairman position, under the Director, for each show, but some Board members feel it would be better to have a Board Publicity position. It was decided that, for the next year, we are pretty much covered for publicity for each or our shows, given that the Directors for these show are also very savvy about publicity. After that time, once the Production Manual has been reviewed by the Board, we may take another look at a Board level Publicity position.

In New Business, T.J. asked that the Secretary transcribe the minutes of each meeting within a week of the meeting, so that he could put the minutes on the website for the Board's review prior to each meeting.

It was decided that a deadline for information that needs to go into the newsletter would be established, and this deadline is the first week of every month.

It was decided that the Players would donate 4 tickets for State Fair to the Old Home Days committee to raffle off.

We have been contacted by a Russian director who wishes to direct plays for us, but he appears to want to get paid for it. Mo will look at his letter.

We discussed season tickets. This year we sold less than last year, and never really very many. T.J. decided we would table the discussion until later.

Mo then talked about the New Hampshire Theatre Association (NHTA) and the New Hampshire Community Theater Association (NHCTA), now that the Players are members of both organizations. The NHTA is in charge of the adjudication of member's shows for their yearly awards presentation. For every show we ask to be adjudicated, we must provide them with two adjudicators to judge other shows. We also have to give them 6 free tickets to every show we want adjudicated. Right now, Mo, Meggin and Ernie have agreed to be adjudicators, and they will attend a brief training session soon. We have asked that State Fair be our first adjudicated show, and we agreed that we would try to have all our shows adjudicated as we feel the Players do some of the finest theater work in the State.

Mo then discussed the NHCTA, the organization that runs a yearly competition between member groups. Mo has agreed to accept the challenge to take something to competition each year, by coordinating directors, actors, etc. It was agreed that competition shows would not interfere with our regular schedule of shows, or siphon talent or other personnel needed for our regular shows. The competition program would not necessarily be auditioned, but rather chosen from a group of member volunteers who have an interest in this program.

It was agreed that Mo will take over the Treasurer's books after her vacation later this month. Mo will also begin picking up the mail at that time.

A thank you was issued from the Board to Maye for being President for so long, and a thanks to T.J. for taking over the position.

The next Board meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, September 2, 2003, at 7 p.m.

The meeting adjourned at 9:20 p.m.