Pittsfield Players Board Meeting
August Minutes - Sept. 12, 2004
6:30 pm Scenic Theatre

Call Meeting to Order - 6:40. Present at the meeting Maye Hart, Jim Hart, Ernie Bass, TJ Rand, Meggin Dail. Absent; Jan Pinard, Mo Demers.
Reports: Secretary and Treasurer. Secretary's Report accepted as read. Treasurer's Report reviewed. Motion to accept accepted.
I. Old Business
A. Show Updates - 1776 still short 2 cast members, in rehearsal. Things are hunky dory. - Christmas - Lady is Normally only available Mondays and Fridays, auditions for the 18th and 25th of September. "Not on this Night" is the name of the show.. 3 members between 15 and 25 years old. She understands the money situation, Meggin and she will meet separately to hammer things out. - Competition 2005 - brief discussion about Mo's notes. Why are we doing it? Put in newsletter for director and proposal by January 1 to Mo Demers. - King and I Jr. - tabled - The Abduction - auditions mid -December - Private Lives - no news - Annie - Dee Dee will choreograph. Maye is still looking for producer and stage manager.
B. Building Updates TJ has touched base with Whitcher Lumber, and they are in the loop. They will call back to set a time to meet. - Emergency Lights - have been purchased and Jim will install them next week - minor construction - the fire department wants us to close the holes up. Lights will be moved in booth so that fire department is satisfied. George Southwick will paint the back wall black. Jim will take care of sheet rock, and 2X 12 across the span to shore up the ceiling. Jim will get in touch with George. Jim will get a part for the toilet and fix it. - Addition plans - nothing today.
C. Tax Abatement has been granted.
D. Production Manual Meggin will print manual. Make 12 for now. She will put pages in plastic sleeves so that we can keep it.
E. Costume Shop - Tracy asks for more containers. Tracy has comment on women's hats, of which we have too many. She has suggested that we whittle down that number. We'll keep our eye on the shop for costume thievery.
II. Business
A. New Storage Space- Bleckmanns have heard a rumor that we're vacating the building. They have been making improvements, minor. They seemed upset. TJ will contact them. We have to open an account with the electric company. (Theater Seats discussion. TJ will see what on-line info outlets we can use to get rid of them. By the end of this year.)
B. Third Floor Cleaning - Will be this fall. Angel and Bea and friends will be doing it. (Certificate of Liability has to come from Paige Agency with specific date). TJ will keep on top of this.
C. November Box Office Assignments - Tabled until October meeting.
D. Oil - Prebuy -Board agrees to prebuy.
III. Other -
The Board read an Encore 2005 proposal from Mo, who was not present at the meeting. Dee Dee needs to be told in the event that we have to open Encore up to proposals since we now have one on the table. We agreed that we have to discuss this soon. It was agreed that to invite Dee Dee to the next meeting to talk about the show. We talked about lighting at Steele Hill. A member of the Board will follow up with Larry Mossbrucker regarding a light bar at the front. A review of Encore 2004 will be a priority at the next meeting and the Board will seek additional guidance and suggestions from all involved.
Bridal Gown Ok'd for donation. Rotary Christmas Dinner and Entertainment - Maye reported. LCHIP - TJ will take pics, Jim will do a floor plan. We'll see about the site plan. Halloween - Jan's been in touch with Appleview people. Meggin reports that maybe someone else is doing it now that flyers have been printed by Granite image.
Jim has found a cabinet for paint as requested by the fire department for $550 bucks plus shipping. It holds 60 gallons. We said get the bigger one. Jim will see if he can find one cheaper as seconds in RI, and he'll buy a cheaper one if possible. Motion to appropriate money for the cabinet. Board voted yes.
Jim reported that the second floor is coming up nicely. There is some sag by the sewing room floor. He'll get a wrench and jack it up.
Meggin had free business cards for us.
Meggin has rotary check and bill from Jim for emergency lights.
Ernie and George will move new flats into the storage space in the Dame building.
Next Meeting - October 18, 7 pm.
Adjourn - 7:47 pm.