Pittsfield Players Board Meeting
October Minutes - Jan. 19, 2005
7:00 pm Scenic Theatre

Present at the start of the meeting were TJ Rand, Maye Hart, Jan Pinard, and Meggin Dail. A quorum was called and the meeting was called to order at 7:05.
The Secretary's Report from the last meeting on October 18,2004 was accepted as written.
The Treasurer's Report that Mo had mailed to the Board was accepted as delivered.
In Old Business -
There was no report on Competition, 2005.
Maye Hart reported that all was going terrifically with the King and I Jr. There was discussion about tickets and who would print them. It was agreed that Maye would contact Mo and see if she would make tickets. They will be $8 each. Maye mentioned the need for rugs on stage for the show and Meggin said she will check with Wolfeboro about floor covering.
Mo Demers was not there to report on The Abduction, but Meggin reported that s they are in need of a set construction crew. She also said that Mo is pleased with her cast and thinks they will be more than ready. Meggin is looking to put together a set crew and the set design is done, and it's simple. They were planning on using pieces from 1776, but other things as well and the set may not have to be a hard build. Jenna King is the costumer and they will be doing costumes on January 30, and then TJ will do head shots. Jan asked to be contacted about the costumes and it was agreed that If no one touched base with Jan before the costume date, Jan should contact Jenna or Mo.
Meggin reported progress with Private Lives and announced that audition dates will be Monday and Tuesday, March 14 and 15, at 7 pm. Tentative Show dates are April 29, 30, May 1, May 6 and 7. The rehearsal schedule may be rather unstructured to make it more conducive to Meggin's schedule once the baby is born. Scripts will be ordered soon.
Encore 2005 - TJ reported that director Dee Dee Pitcher will be taking a one year sabbatical for the upcoming season. There was a discussion about who might direct Encore and whether or not to put Vicki Skoog's proposed show, I Love You, You're Perfect… in that slot for Steele Hill. We discussed the fact that Mo had withdrawn her proposal, and Meggin questioned whether we should put it out for proposal. A brief discussion ensued, and the Board decided that TJ would contact Vicki Skoog about doing Steele Hill with I Love You You're Perfect.
Annie - Maye reported that Jim Hart has been asked to do set design. She's still looking for stage manager, producer, etc, but said that she would attack the project once King and I jr. was finished.

In Show Reviews -
TJ reported that 1776 was not over yet because of the upcoming NHTheater Awards. He also reported that there are requests for other performances and appearances by cast members that he has received. He went over the schedule for preparation for the NH Theater Awards, and explained when the Palace rehearsal will be as well as rehearsals at the theater. He reported that neither Robb Ross nor Sean Galleriani can be at the awards, and so he put together a 7 minute script. They will use all the costumes and some props and sing some of the songs. There was a discussion of tickets and that some ticks may still be available. The Board also discussion logistics for getting costume organized and over to the Palace on the night of the awards. Both Mo and TJ have handled the tickets and all is under control.

It was agreed that Not On This Night, out Christmas show, went well, except for the drunken audience members at the matinee. We agreed that bringing in this show was a good idea and that it worked out well. The Board thanked Meggin for taking the lead on the arrangements and acting as liaison for the show.

The Board then went back to a general discussion about the NH Theater Awards and whether we were going to participate next year. A discussion ensued about NHTA procedures and how they should be more forthcoming in explaining various factors, including who is eligible (e.g. for Children's Theater Awards) and how the nominees are arrived at and how they determine who makes the final cut. TJ agreed to explain the procedure to the cast at rehearsals. We also discussed adjudicators and whether we could get them from our group in order to continue in the adjudication process.

In a Building Update, TJ presented a cost estimate package from Millstone Builders. He asked that we take a long look at it and digest it. Their total estimate for the addition is $234,353.00. The major expenses in that estimate are for sprinkler and fire alarm services. It was agreed that we would all look over the numbers and discuss it at the next meeting.

In New Business -
TJ reported that he would like to move the Dame Awards up and schedule them in right after The Abduction. He remarked that this is the 10th anniversary of us doing The King and I and he wants to use the kids from King and I Jr. in the awards show. A discussion ensued about moving the meeting to another date. Meggin suggested that this might not be the year to do it. She feels that lately we've been doing two things at the same time and it's exhausting. Maye talked about the Annual Meeting and the necessity for a tie-in to the Dame Awards. The Board decided to not move the event and to schedule it for Saturday, June 4th for both the Annual Meeting and Dame Awards.

We discussed reserved tickets and agreed that all shows will be reserved, including the Children's Show.

Meggin reminded us that Season Tickets are sold up to the first show of the year. She had 20 printed this year and there are 2 left.
TJ brought up the new play reading project and voiced his opinion that all events like that should be run through the Board before they are scheduled. A Motion was then made to approve the use of the upstairs for a play reading committee hosted by Jenna King and Meggin Dail, and the Motion was approved.
(There was then a side discussion of running Annie longer and thus covering the Christmas Show with a longer run. It was agreed the members would give some thought as to how to do a Christmas Show with Annie and still have that free show with Sanderson Fund involvement. )

We then discussed the 2006 season and selecting shows that would make the most money. We also talked about doing a summer show in the theater. In addition, we talked again about getting good people involved in out shows, who are responsible. We agreed that other groups also have the same problems.
In Other New Business it was reported that the back stage heater is not working, and Meggin reported that Joel has a call in for service. Maye said that the fans are not working at all, and that Jim said he will change the switch and see if he can get them working again.

In LCHIP News - Maye reported that they need the check that we owe them for $265, and that she would make sure Mo got that out. She also reported that they have hired someone to do the Baseline report, so we are off the hook for the other items we haven't sent them, as their employee will contact us to help her complete the information. Maye said she will call will call Cheryl Carlson and get everything straightened out.

Maye reported that Encore Dance Troup would like to have their recital at the Scenic on May 21th. Meggin's set strike is on on May 14th, and it was agreed that we could set the stage then for the Encore Dance Troop.
Maye reported that Rotary for January was cancelled due to weather.

Next meeting date - Wednesday, February 16th. Maye Hart's House.
A Motion to adjourn was accepted at 8:30 pm.