Board of Directors Meeting
Sept. 2, 2003 7 pm

Meeting called to order at 7:10 pm. Present at the meeting were T.J. Rand, Meggin Dail, Mo Demers, Maye Hart, and Jan Pinard. Ernie Bass arrived at 7:20. The first order of business was a President's Commentary, which was tabled until Ernie Bass arrived. T.J. Rand's comments spoke to the auditions which had just been held for State Fair. He said he was absolutely appalled by the joking, laughing and fooling around that took place during the Sunday session. He feels that such and atmosphere could be counterproductive to attracting newcomers to the Players. Since an audition is not a performance, there should be no applauding, no communication from the audience to the people auditioning on stage. He did say that the Monday session was much better.
The Secretary's Report, prepared by Maye Hart was read. There were no corrections. A Motion was made to accept the report, was seconded and passed.
Mo Demers presented the Treasurers Report. A Motion was made to accept the report, was seconded and passed.
The Board discussion then turned to Shows. Maye Hart reported that all the major roles in State Fair were cast. She still needs men for minor parts. The first rehearsal is scheduled for Sunday, September 7. Rehearsal scheduling will be difficult due to conflicting schedules of some of the actors and Phil, but it will be worked out. Things are proceeding.
T.J. reported that Christmas in Brass was under control. So far things were progressing well.
Maye reported that she and Elsie Morse are narrowing down the choices for the Children's Theatre Workshop. Under consideration are Godspell, Jr., Space Pirates, and Honk, Jr. A decision will be made in the next few weeks. T.J. asked that the dates for the Workshop be solidified. Ernie and Meggin wished to coordinate with Maye regarding set for the Workshop and A Thousand Clowns.
Meggin reported that her first production meeting with Mike Chagnon for A Thousand Clowns went well. They asked to change the audition dates of January 25 and 26 to January 18 and 19, to avoid competing with the Super Bowl. Show date remains the same. A discussion ensued regarding Mike's proposed advertising budget of $700, almost double the amount spent for other shows. (Previous shows ran $300 in print advertising for a 2 week run). It was eventually decided that it was Mike's budget and he could take the gamble if he wanted to. Mike is proposing a total budget of $2,000, and he expects to fill house. Mike has half a production crew, is still looking for othera. They have a lamp. They are still looking for radios and clocks. Meggin will send cast requirements to T.J. for website, as well as a three sentence synopsis.
Meggin reported no change in the progress of Twelve Angry Men.
In Old Business, the board discussed the past Encore season and reviewed the income from this year's performances, which was close to $6,000. Dee Dee Pitcher is looking for a stage manager for next year, as well as other crew members. A discussion then ensued regarding the future of Encore. Meggin would like to see Encore proposed, just as any of the other shows that we do. Mo thinks that's a good idea, too. The board then had a discussion about the history and philosophy of Encore (which is slanted toward choral music and not toward solo performances), why director is who they are, and whether it would be wise to "put Encore out for bid." Maye brought up the fact that Encore is not like other shows, and its difference is important to keep in mind. She also spoke about the attitude problems in the cast, and how difficult that had made directing the show over the past four years. The Board agreed that the choral emphasis of Encore must continue. T.J. will talk to Dee Dee regarding next year's show, which she will direct, and any other future shows. The Board agreed that it must find a better way to get the cast to act like a team, and to solve the deeper problems of respect for the director and for the process..
The Board then switched to a discussion of expenses. Maye reported that she had ordered and received $630 worth of muslin for the drops for State Fair, and that the cost would be split between her budget for that show and the Players' budget. Maye also reported that LCHIP had made another payment of over $3,000 for funding of the façade project. She also reported that the project was more than half completed, that Nat Ewing would be done in the next week or so. She also has asked him for a price on restoring the marquees. Once Nat's final bill is received, Maye will apply to LCHIP for the remaining funds.
Meggin reported that all board members will have keys soon to the rear fence. There will be two clean up dates, one for costume, one for across the street. Ernie will arrange for the clean up across the street and Jan will take care of dates for costume clean up. A motion was made to have Jan purchase $200 worth of plastic containers for hat storage, and it was passed unanimously.
Maye reported that Nat Ewing had said that the roof is not in the best condition and will need to be replaced as soon as possible. Joel will begin the process of gathering cost estimates
Maye reported that Jim Hart has drilled test holes in the second floor to find out if there is already holes drilled in the beams below. He discovered such holes, and is in the process now of proceeding to shore up the floor by attaching pipes through the ceiling into the beams above to stop the second floor from sagging.
Meggin is doing well with the Production Manual and said she is mid way through the project. She will give us copies to proof read. January target date is on schedule.
Mo is going through last year's Treasurer's records to get up to date. She has looked at on-line software and into owning the program. She was jazzed with on- line, but it is scaled down version, so Mo will by Quick Books pro for $200 or so. Her computer has to be upgraded before that program can be installed, which is happening now. She would like to put both 2003 and 2004 information in computer, so she can generate tax information. Computer install should be up and running by first of year.
The Board then discussed progress to date on the ad campaign. Mo has received some checks. She will contact Mike Pzsonowsky, regarding ad sales progress. The Board decided that a calendar year span is best for ad campaign. We decided to once again have it printed at Granite mage, and that we will consider going up on ad prices next year. We set a November 1 deadline for ads to be in.
The Board expressed that they were happy with the on-line calendar on the website.
Mo then updated the Board on New Hampshire Theatre Association (NHTA). She purchased a block of 12 for the annual awards show, since Nominees do not get free seats. It will be up to us to decide how to give them out. State Fair will be adjudicated. Six people will be here to see the show. We are on the NHTA website. Once State Fair is cast, we decide who is to be nominated, and the Director and producer may select those people. Tea and Sympathy has been rejected for the competition as they will not let us cut it. Actors are committed for slot, even though they are not doing that show. Mo is determining what will be done and will report her progress to the Board. (A side discussion ensued regarding loaning out costumes and props and how it's done. T.J. reminded everyone that we had to make sure that all things are returned. Goodwill is ok, but it needs to be tracked.) T.J. then said that the Board should have been consulted before the purchased of 12 tickets to the NHTA awards program. He suggested that we vote on that now. A motion was made stating that the Board agreed with the purchase of the tickets. It passed unanimously.
T.J. then gave a Website updates, stating that News and Notes had been updated, pictures of theater as well, and that a State Fair page had been started.

In new Business, Maye reported that the Pittsfield Octoberfest committee had offered us a concession for bratwurst on October 4. The Board agreed to to decline the offer. Meggin reminded us that Appleview Orchards wants us to do haunted hayride. It would be a 10 minute hayride, on Friday and Saturday nights, with a 50/50 gate split for 3 to 4 weekends, depending on weather. Ernie said 10 to 12 people might be needed. Meggin disagreed. It was decided that Meggin will take on the project to make us some money, but would ask if it could be changed to two weekends. Maye asked that they keep State Fair cast out of the weather so they don't catch cold.
T.J. has sent for a performance license for 1776.
VSA Arts of NH asked for a donation. The Board rejected the request.
Meggin reported that Joel has looked into an estimate for a sprinkling system for the theater, and that an estimate will be coming in.
We discussed whether it should be the task of the producer and/or director to ask the police to beef up patrols on Depot St. during auditions, rehearsals, and shows It was decided that Meggin would draft a letter of concern to the police describing the problems with drunken people, broken windshield, vandalism and harassment from residents of the Columbia Block. It was also suggested that we mention the police's request for a camera across the street, and ask for a progress report on that project.
Next meeting date - October 1, 2003 7 p.m.
Motion to adjourn was made and passed. Adjourned at 8:56.