Board of Directors Meeting
WEDNESDAY Oct. 1, 2003 7 pm

Present at meeting: T.J. Rand, Ernie Bass, Mo Demers, Jan Pinard, and Maye Hart.
Meeting called to order at 7:05.
Secretary"s Report - Presented by Maye Hart. Motion passed to accept as written.
Treasurer"s Report - Presented by Mo Demers. Report included corrections from 1998 through 2003 to both expenses and income. Mistakes had been made during that period with regard to un-posted check charges, non-reconciliation of bank statements, etc. for the last six years. New balance shows correct as of 9/27/03. The report also reflects a pre-buy of $2500 worth of fuel from Irving Oil. Ad money received since 9/27 is not seen on report. Report accepted as presented.
Old Business
Shows: State Fair - Maye reported that she was very pleased with the progress of the show, but that set construction was behind due to a lack of participation on the part of the cast. She discussed the cost of recovering all the 12' flats and whether the cost should be shared by the State Fair and the players. T.J. reported that the Christmas show was well, and we discussed lights and setting lights. Maye reported that the Children's Theatre Workshop would present Godspell, Jr. in February. Auditions will be held on Sunday, December 7 at 2 p.m. and on Monday, December 8 at 4 p.m. The show will run Wednesday, February 18 and Thursday, February 19 in the afternoon for local schools. It would also run Friday, February 20 and Saturday, February 21 at 7:30 p.m. for family and the general public. Elsie Morse will co-direct. A budget for A Thousand Clowns was presented in absentia by Meggin. It was noted that set costs were not included. Ernie stated that he was sure the set will not cost as much as $200. It was noted that the show could have almost the same set as Twelve Angry Men. There was no report on Twelve Angry Men.
Building: It was determined that a clean-up across the street was a hopeless cause until the set for state fair is done. All the 12' flats are gone from across the street and are on stage. It was decided that the next project must be the Roof, as there are numerous leaks in the attic. Joel is getting two estimates which are coming in soon. The best guess is that we may have trouble getting someone until spring or summer. Joel is looking into getting patches in the roof for the winter from the people who are doing the community center. TJ will push Joel for estimates. In the façade report, Maye said that LCHIP representative will be visiting next week. He will bring the final check, but there are some additional hoops we have to jump through such as more written reports, the site inspection, and a reconciliation of the amount we applied for and the cost of the project. We may owe LCHIP money, but it should be negligible. Maye also stated that the NH Arts Council has grants for capital improvement, but that she has no time to write the grant right now due to her other commitments. Maye reported that Jim Hart will be fixing the 2nd floor structure, and that he feels it will cost less than $300 in parts. Jim also asked if he could build a storage rack for the 12' flats in the hallway on the 2nd floor, and the Board said OK to his proposal. Jim also asked if he could remove the columns that are on either side of the old stage to improve movement from backstage, and after T.J. took a tour to see what Jim was talking about, the Board said OK
Production Manual progress report had no news. January target date is still on.
Ad Campaign progress to date - Mo is keeping a record of incoming checks. She just made another deposit. It was determined that additional old program books must be ordered to handle State Fair, and Mo will call Granite Image and order 750 - 800. TJ will take new master ads to Granite Image, as he may be able to prep some camera ready copy and save us some money.
Costumer Shop progress has not occurred. We discussed setting a date to clean it up. Irene Bauer is starting to clean up the area. A quick side discussion occurred about who is dropping things off that we don't want or need, and who is borrowing things that we do need that we can't find. It was decided that costume shop cleanup is top priority. We identified two problems - we have too much stuff, and we need to lock what we do have up. TJ wants the area picked up. We agreed that we should clear one space for current show stuff. The rest should be in general costume, except for Encore stuff, which has to be set aside and put away. Mo will talk to Dee Dee about wrapping up Encore and putting it to bed. It was agreed that we know where we want to go with the second floor; we just can't go there immediately.
Pittsfield Oktoberfest was a non-issue as Maye had declined our invitation to participate.
Haunted House - Report was speculative. (See below for report after Meggin arrived.)
New Business
Maye is having trouble getting people to help with Rotary. We discussed several solutions to this problem, including switching the date, having a sign-up sheet, alternating chefs every other month, asking Irene to take charge some months, asking Irene to get the people there. It was agreed that Maye would talk to Irene about staffing the Rotary dinners.
Mo reported on progress with the NHCTA competition. She will not audition this year, due to her commitment to previous promised parts to actors from Tea and sympathy. She will audition in future years. She would like to present a one act called Sanctuary which is a 2 person, 20 minute one act, with her and Rob Fallon. She will edit any vulgarities in the script. She also proposed bringing that show and another one act, called The Problem to the Scenic in January. (A side discussion ensued regarding the fact that Godspell and A Thousand Clowns are only two weeks apart and whether Ernie could build his set in that time.) We then discussed moving the One Acts program to another date, or even another location, such as the Community Center. It was finally agreed that Mo would seek another venue for her one act play presentation, that one of them would not be The Problem, that the Board would support her as best we could, and that Maye and Ernie would read Sanctuary ASAP and give Mo an ok to do it in competition.
Maye reported that Heather Mike had requested holding a second annual Fiddling Contest at the Scenic on December 12. Ernie was in charge of the house last year, and he said he will do it again this year. TJ brought up the fact that we are using our lights, heat, etc., and we can't keep doing free shows without some remuneration. Mo reminded the Board that as we are a charitable organization, we need to do charitable works, giving back to the community. Maye pointed out that the Encore cast does free shows each year for charitable causes. It was agreed that we would house the Fiddle Contest the same as we did last year, but that PYW should know that next year they will have to pay something or do some sort of exchange. Ernie will let them know. (Meggin arrived at this point.)
T.J. suggested that we set a date for the Dame Awards, somewhere around the same time as last year. The Board also discussed forming a committee and how best to do that. Meggin did not want to be the head of the committee, but says she will help, and suggested contacting folks who were on the committee last year. TJ will talk to Bernie Cameron about co-chairing and he will talk to Dee Dee as well, as a courtesy, because of the use of the stage during Encore rehearsals.
With regard to Old Home Days, it was suggested that we get an earlier start on it this year. Meggin says that member's commitment to the float project is the main thing she needs, and did say that things worked out pretty well this past year. Meggin reported that this year's theme may be red, white and blue, which would fit in with 1776 promo.
IN Building Maintenance issues, it was reported that Joel has list of who has keys to the front door. He also will have a list for who has the gate key for propane. T.J. asked that he fix the front doors - the space between them - with weather stripping. The Board discussed that Jim Hart is doing all kinds of maintenance work such as fixing the second floor suspension, installing door closers, etc. T.J. suggested that Jim should get some pay for what he does. (A side discussion ensued regarding roof repair estimates, which Joel is collecting.) A motion was made to Jim Hart $20 per hour for the work he does in the theater. It was agreed that we would revisit motion in a year. Motion passed. Joel will look at weather stripping the front doors and installing plastic on the windows.
Meggin then talked about the Halloween Haunted Barn at Applecrest. She said she needs help on October 24 and 25 from 7 to 9 and on October 31, from 8 to 10. She reported that she needs 20 people total, 8 people for each night, and that she needs to have a real commitment from those people. She also asked permission to borrow the big roll of brown felt, the gravestones, parts of bodies, fog machine, cauldrons, and miscellaneous costumes and props. The Board granted that permission.

Meeting adjourn at 9:15
Next meeting date - November 19, 7 p.m., Scenic Theatre