Board of Directors Meeting
WEDNESDAY Feb. 13, 2004 7 pm

The meeting was called to order at 7:01. Present at the meeting were T.J. Rand, Maye Hart, Mo Demers, Jan Pinard, Meggin Dail and Ernie Bass.
The Secretary's Report from the previous meeting was read and accepted as read, with one typo correction.
The Treasurer's Report was presented by Mo Demers and approved by the Board.
Old Business
Shows: Maye Hart reported that Godspell, Jr. was coming along well. She said that three schools were participating in the afternoon performances, and that tickets were being sold for the two evening performances. She expected all to go well for the show, and for the strike and cast party after the show. Meggin Dail reported that all is going well for A Thousand Clowns, and that everything seems to be on schedule. They are waiting for Godspell to move out so that set construction can begin. The Board assigned Box office duties for the show - Maye will take Friday, March 12, Meggin will take Saturday, March 13. We need someone for Thursday, March 18, and Jan Pinard will take Friday, March 19, Mo will take Saturday, March 20, and TJ gets Sunday, March 21. Mo then asked how many posters Meggin wanted and they agreed to print 40 large ones at Granite Image. Mo will make the remaining 20 colored posters on her copier. Meggin then passed out a list of set pieces that they are looking for. Meggin reported that she has scheduled a production meeting for 12 Angry Men next Thursday, February 26 at the theater. Lori Smock Joyal is producer. Her auditions will be held March 13 and 14 at 7:00 p.m. upstairs at the Scenic. She reported that she doesn't have a full production crew yet and she still needs a lighting and stage manager. She reported that she will have no Sunday matinee for 12 Angry Men, given that the Sunday is Mother's Day. Mo Demers reported that Sanctuary rehearsals are underway for the NHCTA competition, the set is done, and she's going to the Concord Auditorium for their tech tomorrow. Irene Bauer is stage manager, Erica Marden is running lights. Meggin is going to attend a rehearsal Tuesday to critique. Starting on the February 24, rehearsals will be at Mo's place of work. Now there are only five competitors, since two dropped out. Mo doesn't know which day we're slated for, but will have the information shortly. T.J. Rand reported that he will schedule a 1776 audition in July, and a follow-up audition later at the regular August time. Meggin Dail passed out a recap of State Fair expenses from Elsie Morse. Maye Hart questioned the figures, based on the fact that Elsie may not have had a genuine total of revenues. The Board then had a side conversation about accounting tracking. Mo said that our Quickbooks system could run all the figures just by pushing a button, but she doesn't want to be taking the place of the producer and keeping track of all the receipts, etc. We also agreed that we must mark the invoices and receipts as to what the items should be charged against account. Mo agreed to run an income/expense report for Maye for State Fair. We discussed the Xmas Show and it was agreed that it will be covered, either by Mo or Meggin or both. The Board will accept proposals from other directors for Xmas if anyone else is interested.
It was agreed that the Board will decide the winter, 2005 Show in March.
On the Building, the Board discussed the mess in the Costume Shop. Irene Bauer's husband is back together after his accident, so Irene should be able to proceed. TJ will talk to Irene about time frame. With regard to the roof, TJ and Joel will re-connect and get going to find a roofing contractor. Ernie has not checked up on information regarding the Gray Building, but he will proceed.
Meggin presented some final drafts of the Production Manual. We are missing a Code of Ethics, which no one can find a copy of. Jan said she might have it. Mo agreed to do the stage layout. Meggin asked that we read it thoroughly, correct typos etc. When we have finished reading it, we will let Meggin know and we'll go from there to schedule meeting to finalize it. We agreed will need a separate meeting aside from the regular board meeting.
TJ presented an Ad Campaign wrap up, and told us that the book are almost done, and should be ready for Godspell. Mo will get a receipt for Denise at Granite Image for their ad. TJ reported that the pictures in the book were not high quality. There were no Committee Reports from the Dame Awards or Old Home Days Committees.
Meggin will be doing the newsletter for February. TJ will forward some info for 1776. Mo will get competition info to Meggin.
Maye had no report on progress with a Thurston Carpenter/Freese Bros. Concert at this time.
The Board needs to know if Encore has an accompanist yet, and Maye will ask Dee Dee Pitcher whether it's coming along, and if she has one for auditions.
New Business
Maye brought up the fact that we need to do some exterior painting on the street level of the front façade. We agreed to schedule a picnic/paint party for June 26 and 27, and scheduled July 10 and 11 as rain dates. Interested people should call Maye.
TJ mentioned that he is scheduled to speak on April 21 Women of Rotary, and he can't make it. Meggin will take care of it.
Maye brought up the fact that we need a new CD player. The Board discussed what to do with the old one, and it was agreed that we would purchase a new one. The Board will ask Jim Hart to take care of the purchase.
The Board then discussed purchasing additional microphones for headsets. It was agreed that we would buy mikes for all our current headsets, and that we would buy enough additional sets so that we have six sets total. Jim Hart will be asked to make that purchase.
Maye reported that she was contacted by a sales rep from Margarita's restaurant regarding giving away tickets to our shows at their Full Moon festivities. Meggin suggested giving him two tickets for the Thursday performance of 1000 Clowns. The Board agreed. Maye will send the information to Meggin via email.
Meggin Dail brought up a discussion regarding purchasing an additional monitor heater for the theater, which would be placed down by the piano pit, or somewhere near the stage edge, possibly under the stairs? TJ suggested that we consult with the Monitor people for their suggestions. Maye brought up the idea that we might have the power company do an infrared heat leak report on the building, so that we might better insulate the property. She also suggested that electric heaters might be the answer near the stage if we didn't have room for another monitor heater. Meggin will get Joel working on this project. Meggin also suggested that we shop for new fuel suppliers, as Irving Oil hasn't really been that great. The Board agreed that we would begin shopping soon, so as to be able to do a pre-buy of fuel in the late summer.
The next meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, March 24, 7 p.m. at Mo Demer's house.
The meeting was adjourned at 8:25.