Board of Directors Meeting Minutes March 24, 2004
The meeting was called to order at 7:02 pm. Present at the meeting were Board members Meggin Dail, TJ Rand, Maye Hart, Jan Pinard, and Ernie Bass. Guest included Joel Dail, building maintenance, and Michael Chagnon.
The Secretary's Report from the last meeting was approved as written.

The Treasurer's Report was submitted by Mo Demers in absentia and was accepted by the Board.

Guests were then invited to speak. Joel Dail presented an estimate from Ideal Roofing, and stated that they could take on the job in about a month. Estimate includes stripping two layers of old tiles off our 30 X60 roof, replacing the shingles with architectural shingles (they look nice) in the same colors as our small roof over the exterior lobby. They will give us a ten year warranty on labor, 30 year warranty on the shingles. Ice and water shields are included, along with an all new stainless steel drip edge. The total price was $13, 250. It was agreed that Joel will get another estimate, and then we will make a decision. Joel also spoke about the need to consider a previous bid from Capital Fire Alarms for a fire alarm system, even if we just do it floor by floor as we can afford it. The Board then discussed our monetary situation, and how we could afford it, and TJ asked whether starting fire alarm work would bring on more fire code scrutiny from the fire department. Joel felt that making any progress in fire safety would be viewed as a good thing, and much better that doing nothing at all. The Board agreed that steps should be taken in regard to fire alarms as soon as the roof project is done.

Michael Chagnon then presented a preliminary proposal for a show for next spring. After some clarification regarding the time slot (it would be the winter production, not the spring), Michael proposed directing Stop The World, I Want To Get Off. Because the women have been complaining about the lack of female roles, Michael feels that this show would be good - it has one male, between 12 and sixteen women, and one boy. Done as a circus theme, the show has one set, people are dressed like clowns, great music, is very simple, and royalties are not much at all. When asked about an accompanist , he said he's not worried about finding one at all, in fact he guarantees good accompanist. Mike then explained the show's story, and mentioned some of the songs. He also suggested that the Board look at a copy of the tape. He reiterated that he thinks we're going to lose the women who are disgruntled over the lack of female roles. The members of the Board disagreed with him. There was some discussion over a producer for the project, as well as support staff. It was agreed that Michael would get a copy of the film for the Board to look at and that he would come back with more complete production crew information.

In Old Business, the Board discussed 1000 Clowns, including the subjects of audience attendance and income. Meggin reported ticket sales of $3,605, expenses of $1,015, giving a $2590 net. TJ asked for a comparison between this show and others in the same time slot, but those figures were not available. TJ also had an invoice from Mo from Maxfield's, which Mo could not decipher as to what show it was from. It turned out to be paint from 1000 Clowns. We then talked about the amount of money spent on paint for this show and we agreed that we need to keep an eye on paint, and ask directors to please look at the paint we have on hand and try to use it first. We then had a brief discussion about technical difficulties with the Bubbles doll in 1000 Clowns, and it's impact on the content of the show at the end of the run.

Meggin Dail gave a report on progress with Twelve Angry Men, and said she's working on getting table and chairs from a real court room. She says she has a wonderful cast with both new people and veterans. Her publicity, photos, and bios are already started. She said she does not want to use tyvec flats, and proposed making luann flats, with the Players footing the bill for half the cost, just like in State Fair. The Board then discussed the pros and cons of tyvec vs luann, and whether we'd give up on tyvec or not. We discussed making another set of luann flats, and keeping the tyvec flates, too. Ernie suggested taking the eight and ten foot flats and making them into luann flats, and preserving the tyvec flats the way they are. A motion was made to convert the eight and ten foot flats to luann and to split the cost between the Players and the budget for Twelve Angry Men. The motion was unanimously approved. Box office duty for Twelve Angry Men will be assigned at the next Board meeting. Meggin mentioned that having the names of who was going to be in box office was extremely helpful to the House Manager, and that we should do this for every show. TJ mentioned that we needed to send Paula Boxty flowers for her help with tickets for 1000 Clowns, and Meggin said she will take care of it.

TJ then gave a report on 1776. He said the first article appeared in the in newsletter, and so far he'd gotten no response for a carpenter, sewers or hairstylists. Maye will give TJ the name of a carpenter. He's meeting with a lighting design person, and he'll have his producer, Elsie Morse, schedule a production meeting. TJ says he's in good shape, and his auditions are slated for July 18 and 19 at 2pm and 7 pm.

The Board then discussed Christmas 2004. Meggin does not want to be involved in the Xmas show because of time constraints. In Mo's absentia notes she indicated she might write a show or find a show, but that we may look for a director. We discussed other ideas for the show. Meggin suggested that we highlight the church choirs in town and the surrounding area and have them be the show. Meggin will speak with Mo about the idea.

TJ reported that Encore would begin rehearsals, hopefully, the first Sunday in April from 3 to 5 pm, and, as they get closer to show, from 2 to 5 pm. Dee Dee has two females and two males in the running for accompanist and TJ reported that she is upbeat and raring to go.
The Board discussion then turned to the Building. Maye apologized for the condition of the sewing room and the junk left there from State Fair. She will contact Irene and schedule a clean up of that area. It was agreed that the Costume shop will be locked and cleaned as soon as the new wall is installed.. Maye reported on Jim's progress with the rods, reporting that they should be in next Tuesday and will cost $330. Jim Hart will need some volunteers to install them. There was no report on the Gray Building from Ernie. There was also no report on installing and additional heater in the theater. Both reports were tabled until the next meeting.
It was agreed that, due to time constraints, a special Production Manual meeting will be delayed until June or July. We will pick a time for that meeting at our next Board meeting.

TJ reported that the Dame Awards Committee will be meeting April 7 at the Scenic. Irene Hall and Bernie Cameron are members and will be in attendance. TJ is trying to get an Old Home Day Committee meeting that same time. AJ Dukette has said he will host the event again. We then briefly discussed the Annual Meeting and Board elections. TJ stated he would like the board to have a slate of nominees and then take nominations from the floor. Meggin stated that both Jan and Ernie are assets to the Board and that she would miss them both if they decided not to run again. Jan indicated she will run again. Ernie has not yet decided.
The Board then discussed last year's Dame Awards and the situation where we had drinking backstage, and what our policy should be regarding alcohol at the Dame Awards It was agreed that we will have cocktail upstairs at the Annual meeting, but that the theater proper downstairs will remain alcohol free.
Maye Hart will do the newsletter for April, and it was agreed that it should be done at the end of month. The current count is 190 newsletters.
We tabled discussion of a Carpenter/Freese Bros tribute indefinitely.
We then discussed the Winter 2005 Show. Mo indicated in her absentia notes that perhaps we wanted to keep The Abduction in its original slot and find another director besides her to do it. Meggin suggested that we offer the show to Elsie to direct, and let her pick the time slot. Meggin then proposed that she would direct The Autumn Garden in whatever slot Elsie doesn't pick. We agreed to table the discussion of moving our schedule and sliding shows to New Business. TJ will check with Mo and then let Meggin know whether to ask Elsie.
New Business
On the Exterior Painting project, Maye may not chair the project, depending on her schedule, but she will buy the paint.
On the tabled Winter Schedule 2005 subject, Meggin suggested that we start with the children's show the third week in February. Then, the next show would run the second week of April, and the third show would end up running the first two weeks in June. Maye mentioned that a schedule like that would keep Encore off the stage until two weeks before their opening, which might not be good. We discussed alternate rehearsal sights for Encore as a possibility if we adopted the new schedule. TJ recommended further thought. We agreed that, while it is difficult to work at the same time as the children's show, it's not impossible if we are prepared. TJ asked if we could pre-schedule rehearsal time, but we all agreed that it's hard to do without knowing who the cast is and what their schedules are ahead of time. We did agree that we all have to cooperate with scheduling.
A discussion of the 2005 Competition was tabled until the April Meeting.
We are still searching for a copy of the Player's Code of Ethics, which was used in Forum and Moon Over Buffalo. We will put out a call for a copy in the newsletter, and we'll also start working on a new version.
We need Membership Applications, and Meggin agreed to print some because she has them on her computer.
The Board then entertained a motion from TJ Rand for a new inductee into the Hall of Fame. The nominee was accepted with four yes votes and one abstention.
Meggin will be handling the program for the April 21 Women of Rotary meeting, either doing a reading or a mock audition.
In Other Maye reported that Jim Hart, at the request of the Board, had purchased the last two headsets for our radios. The new models are compatible with ours, but the headsets are different. He bought one new radio at Radio Shack, but he needs to find compatible boom mic-type headsets. He thinks the headsets from cell phones will work, but he will verify this before buying the other two radios and 3 headsets.
Maye also reported that Jim has bought the parts to build two backdrop light bars. These 10ft. bars are specifically designed for backdrop lighting using the Encore lights. Each bar hold 16 Encore type lights divided among 4 circuits/channels. We currently have only 16 of these lights, but Jim is going to try to fic up the old lights donated by the Hanleys. One bar has been built, the other will be built when he has time.
Maye reported that Globe Manufacturing Co. has donated a full sized, year old refrigerator to the Players. She asked the Board is she could purchase it in exchange for a donation to the Players. The Board agreed.
Maye reported that she has agreed to cater the Rotary Changing of the Guard dinner again this year, which she believes it is on June 30, but she'll confirm the date.
Meggin reported that she spoke with the police about security problems and the police said that they suggested to us to pick someone from our group to act as security guard. They'd train them as to what to do until the police arrive. To hire a cop, the cost is $35 per hour, with a 4-hour minimum. The police chief welcomes a show schedule, and will do more drive-bys during those times. We all agreed that we have to do something. TJ suggested that the house manager get an usher to stand in the outside lobby during shows to try to stop the vandalism and hooliganism. The Board agreed to try this method.
Meggin reported that all 20 Season Tickets printed were sold.
She said that Peter Mehegan from Pembroke is borrowing costumes for Man of La Mancha.
She also reported that Wolfeboro is starting to reserve tickets on line through a company called Ticket Leap. We agreed to keep tabs on how it goes.
Next Meeting Date scheduled for Monday, April 19, at 7 pm at a place to be named later.
Motion to adjourn was unanimously passed at 9:10 pm.