Board of Directors Meeting Minutes
MONDAY April 19, 2004 7 pm Scenic Theatre
Present at the meeting were Board members Maye Hart, TJ Rand, Jan Pinard, Meggin Dail, and Ernie Bass. Mo Demers was absent. Guest included Jim Hart, Joel Dail, and Tim Stickney the Pittsfield Fire Chief.

The meeting was called to order at 7:05 pm.
The Secretary's Report was accepted as written.
The Treasurers Report was accepted as presented.
Tim Stickney was introduced and explained that he has been Fire Chief since February and now is the acting chief. He explained that the State now requires assembly code compliance in places of assembly that seat 50 or more people, and that those places must bee Inspected twice per year. The Station Fire in RI has caused more interest and concern about smaller venues, and the liability is important, both for the town and the owner. Statistically, he said, fires do not occur in places of assembly very often, but when they do, it is usually catastrophic. Tim said his priority is to bring all places of assembly in Pittsfield up to standards. He wants to identify the immediate threats to the safety of the people right away and work on those issues, first - then work on a plan to bring everything up to codes. A fire in any one of the three buildings on Depot St. could cause all of them to catch fire. Balloon construction, such as in the theater, causes a natural chimney effect, so that a fire that starts in the theater can spread through all three buildings. Joel Dail has talked about a fire detection system for the Scenic, and the Board had agreed just last month to begin to fund that as soon as the roof was done. Tim agreed that fire detection is important, because when no one is in the building, no one will know if there's a fire. The National Fire Prevention Association is in charge of writing all the fire codes across the country, and Tim knows that sprinkler systems will be required, with no grandfathering. Tim will seek a clarification of that regulation, because he thinks it mainly applies to clubs and bars, and we may not have to comply because we do not serve alcohol or allow smoking on the premises. For now, his priorities deal with bigger life safety issues and changes that must be made to comply. First, we must upgrade our fire extinguishers, because ours are not a sufficient size for our building. New extinguishers need to be inspected on a regular basis. Tim recommended one mounted near the front entrance, one by the stage exit, and one upstairs by the door. Joel said he would like one more near the entrance and another one backstage. It was agreed we would need a minimum of three, and a maximum of six. The second life safety issue Tim pointed out was a means of egress from the second floor, and from the lighting booth, because if access is cut off from the single stair case, no one can escape from the upstairs. Tim says we need another stairwell or fire escape. He said the most feasible for us is a fire escape in the back, either interior or exterior. Joel asked if a spiral staircase would be acceptable and Tim said he will look into it. Jim Hart stated that he believed that a spiral case was not allowed as a fire escape, but as a second means of egress. The third life safety issue concerned fire stops on the stage to stop fire from going up through the walls. Tim pointed out that where the tin ceiling was removed over the stage, the wall joists are exposed. He also said that the holes in the ceiling need to be plugged up too. In the sewing room, the holes in the wall where the chimney was need to be blocked up. It was agreed that Tim will send a letter outlining these requirements. He would like a response from us as to time frame for compliance, and he stated it should be within the next six months. He will issue an assembly permit, but we need to give him a reasonable timetable. He will also confirm whether we can use a spiral staircase. Tim needs information on the fire retardance of the curtain and wall covering. We also discussed removing old wiring that is no longer in use. And we discussed door sizes and capacity of the second floor. It was agreed we would keep the stairs clear. TJ thanked Tim for his input, and we await his letter.
Old Business
The Board discussed the following upcoming Shows:
Encore! - Maye asked for some idea for the newsletter of songs, and she will contact Dee Dee for that information. Maye reported that she has loaned her keyboard to the new pianist. TJ reported that Dee Dee feels rehearsals are going very well. Irene Hall will stage manage and produce. Dee Dee is happy with how things are going.
Twelve Angry Men - Meggin reported that all was going well. They are still looking for a twelve foot table and twelve identical chairs, pre 1950's. Progress is on schedule. The Board box office assignments are Mo Demers, Friday, May 7, Maye Hart, and Saturday, May 8. On the second Friday, May 14 and Saturday, May 15, it was agreed that TJ will take one, and Jan will take the other, after checking her schedule. Jan asked about make-up. Meggin has Jan scheduled on the first weekend for make-up and Jenna Van Valen for the second weekend. Meggin formally invited all the members of the Board to the cast party. House manager is Lori Smock Joyal.
1776 - TJ reported that things were the same, and that he is still looking for a construction foreman, hairstylist, etc.
Christmas 2004 - Meggin reported that no letters have been sent out yet to local churches. She reported that Mo agreed it was a good idea for the churches to do it. We have yet to have a director.
Maye reported that the Encore Dance Troupe will be performing in the theater on May 21 and 22. May 21 is the dress rehearsal, and they'll be another rehearsal on Thursday. Maye will take care of all the rehearsals, and Ernie agreed to take care of the 2 pm and 5 pm shows on Saturday.
Tracy Remington gave us a contact at Concord Community School for a pianist for musicals.
Jim Hart asked about lights for Twelve Angry Men. Karl Olsen will meet with Jim on April 25th.
Jim asked whether the new Luann flats should be fireproofed. Meggin wants to opt for the stuff you put in the paint. Jim will get it before the set call on Friday night.
Building -
Costume Shop - We agreed to begin work thinning out the costumes. Tracy Remington has two weeks in July that she would like to dedicate to the costume shop, and those are the first two weeks in July. She would like to organize by category, and weed at the same time. Maye will put a notice of that in the Newsletter - July 5th through the 17th. Call Jan to sign up. We agreed that there is no way to clean it up before the Annual Meeting.
The Roof - Joel reported that work will start this week, and it should take them three to four days. They will be using Architectural shingles with a 30 year warranty, and 10 years on craftsmanship. Ice and water shield is included. They will take the chimney down to the roof level. Joel will send a check to them for half of the cost, which is $13,000 for the whole job.
Joel asked permission to get new batteries for our emergency lights, and to buy fire extinguishers. He reported that they cost $54 each for the 10 pound and $35 for 5 pound ones. $120 for one for the booth. A Motion was made to purchase three 10lb extinguishers. The motion was seconded and passed. It was agreed that Joel will get a price for an extinguisher for the light booth.
Gray Building - Ernie reported that the building is falling down, and that we need to consider moving out. More and more roof is caving in It was agreed that Ernie will head a move out project, and a discussion ensued on where things will be stored in the theater and outside of the theater. Several options were mentioned, which Ernie will look into. For the moment we will store the tyvec flats upstairs, and we will clear the door on the second floor. Joel suggested organizing a work detail to clear out the back building. It was agreed they would do that ASAP.

Additional heater - Joel will call people about adding one more heater near the stage.
Exterior Painting - Joel and Ernie will co-chair, Maye will buy paint, for the project scheduled for June 26 and 27, rain date July 10 and 11.
Jim reported on the insertion of the structural rods upstairs, and presented a written report. We then had a discussion about adding a new light bar, and what to do with the old steam pipe. He presented bill to the Board for $600 for work done on the rod project in the theater.
Production Manual - TJ had sent around draft copies to each member and we set up a meeting for Tuesday, May 18, at Maye's house, at 6:30 pm. To put the final touches on it. TJ also had some addenda, which he gave to Meggin.
Annual Meeting - Scheduled for June 5, with a rehearsal Wednesday, June 2. The only committee meeting was held April 7, and TJ reported they will not be meeting again. The Annual Meeting will be at 5:30 pm., and the Dame Awards begin at 7 pm. Refreshments - hors d'ouvres and appetizers will be served upstairs and it will be pot luck. People should call Bernie Cameron if they have any questions. Maye will get beer, wine and soda. Families of nominees are invited. AJ Dukette will emcee. Bernie is sending out invitations to nominees.
Board Elections will be held near the front of the Annual meeting.
Newsletter, May edition - TJ will be giving Meggin a letter to include in the copy.
(In an aside, it was reported that Larry Mossbrucker at Steele Hill had informed Dee Dee that the changing area is not available anymore - he has added more seats, so he'll have more people, but no changing area or entrances and exits on that side anymore.)
Winter 2005 Show - The Board considered whether to produce The Autumn Garden, Private Lives or other. We were unsure, now that competition is moved to June, whether Mo wanted the winter show instead, in which case we would move The Abduction to the winter show, and pick a spring show. From a technical standpoint, the Board agreed that doing The Abduction after the kid's show would be preferable, because it only has one set. Autumn Garden has a larger cast, but Meggin prefers Private Lives, because it is a comedy. The Board then had a discussion about women's roles and the need to consider them in our choice. We considered the program of 1776, Abduction, Private Lives, Annie. It was agreed that If Mo does not want to direct The Abduction, then Ernie will direct it. Meggin made a proposal for Private Lives, with Meggin directing, Jay Sydow assistant directing, and they would co-produce. Doris George would be stage manager, Elsie Morse costumes, and Joel Dail will be construction foreman. It was agreed to delay announcement of the season until the Annual Meeting. We did agree that the 2006 season would include Lion in Winter and the Autumn Garden. Maye has proposals for musicals, and we are entertaining other proposals from members at this time for fall, 2006.
2006 - Winter is Lion in winter - Autumn Garden - Maye will propose for next time. We will entertain proposals for the musical in 2006.
New Business
2005 Season- Children's Theatre Workshop - TJ told Maye he has information for The King and I Jr.
Technical Manual- TJ wants a list of Lighting Equipment and Jim plans on doing it as soon as he can.
Inventory- TJ wants an inventory of Encore Materials and props and he will talk to Dee Dee about inventory of Encore stuff. He also wants an inventory of all other props.

Membership Concerns - The Board had a discussion about membership concerns, and how to encourage some of our older members into coming back and being involved. TJ wants to reach out to the older people. He said that there are a lot of people on our mailing list that we never see anymore, and he thinks that there is some feeling that we've gone by some people. Meggin and Maye both feel that we've always encouraged everyone's participation.
Other - Meggin received a letter from Andi Reil asking for $100 donation for the Relay for Life. The Board agreed to send that donation. Meggin will be doing a mock audition for Women of Rotary on April 21. Maye reported that the Changing of the Guard is June 30, and the Player's will be cooking.

The next Meeting is May 18, at 8:15 pm at Maye's House.
The Meeting adjourned at 9:35 pm.