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The success of the Pittsfield Players rests a great deal on the foundation that Roland Charron laid, and his contribution, and more importantly his love and work ethic on its behalf, should be passed down to every person who participates in future Player's endeavors. Because he took such pride in the Pittsfield Players, it is appropriate that we should provide some type of tribute so that he will continue to be a source of inspiration for generations to come.
As being one of those who was inspired by working with Roland Charron, it is an honor and privilege to be able to help establish the Roland Charron Memorial. Each year the Pittsfield Players will select one individual to be presented with this award for excellence in Community Theatre. The criteria reflects the ideals which Roland represented, and are as follows:
The individual must have a minimum of a decade of participation/membership with the Pittsfield Players, which does not have to be consecutive. Their selection is based on their involvement on stage or in any aspect of production. Their contribution must be deemed on of excellence and a model for others to follow. The character of the individual is to be judged on their capacity to earn the respect of their peers and for their expertise and ability to work with others. And finally they must display a knowledge of their craft; display leadership skills; and show the desire and drive to strive for excellence as personified by Roland Charron.

The plaque has a photo of Roland and reads simply:

"You can't get enjoyment out of mediocrity, it only comes with doing superior work." R. Charron

And there are places for a dozen recipients to be chosen over the next 12 years. The recipient receives a small commemorative plaque, and this one is presented to our 'first lady of theatre' and reads:

In Memory of Roland Charron
Founder of the Pittsfield Players

Elsie Morse