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ENCORE! 2004

Encore! continues its outstanding tradition for another year with Dee Dee Pitcher as Director. The producer this year is Irene Hall , who doubles as stage manager and is assisted by Kathy Beferly. Erica Marden will be coordinating lights. This year's cast includes: Bea Pszonowski, Lena Luongo, Gerri Casey, Irene Hall, Shayna Loomis, Jean Gentile, Lorraine Lepage, Christine Netzer, Margaret Hillman, Allen Hillman, Angelo Gentile, Angel Douglas, Nathan Strong, Michael Chagnon, Lori Leblanc and Dee Dee Pitcher. Accompanist for the season is Heather Forsha (shown in seperate photo).

ENCORE! 2003

From the Curtain Up! - Encore! continues into it's second decade with Director Dee Dee Pitcher at the helm. This year's show will include songs like "Singing in the Rain," "Sing, Sing, Sing," songs from "Bye Bye Birdie," and a special salute to Disney. The show will run every Tuesday evening at Steele Hill Resort in Sanbornton, beginning June 24 and running through August 26. The evening includes a three course dinner and the show and still costs only $25.00 per person, plus alcohol, tax and gratuity. It's a great night out with wonderful food and toe-tapping tunes. Start planning now for your summer evening at Steele Hill Resort. For reservations call Steele Hill at 524-0500

CAST: Bea Pszonowsky, Shayna Loomis, Dee Dee Pitcher, Lena Luongo, Loraine LePage, Irene Bauer, Gerri Casey, Jan Bergeron, Michael Chagnon, Ernie Bass, Michael Beverley, Warren Wheeler and Angel Douglas. Phil Breton will once again be accompanist.


Photographs below and right courtesy G. Graaskamp

ENCORE! 2002

From the Curtain Up! - Encore! begins its second decade of marvelous and exciting dinner theatre at Steele Hill Resort when the show opens on June 25. Director Dee Dee Pitcher has assembled another talented cast who are hard at work perfecting the music and the choreography for another wonderful Encore! season. The show will run every Tuesday evening from June 25 through August 27 at Steele Hill Resort in Sanbornton. The evening includes a three course meal and the show for $24.00 per person (tax, tip and bar not included). For reservations call Steele Hill at 524-0500.

This season's show features medleys from Grease, The Music Man, and Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. In addition, they'll be some great pop music, a fun number celebrating tabloids, the traditional patriotic song, and even some tap dancing straight from 42nd Street.

Cast members include Carol Fitzmaurice, Bea Pzsonowsky, Margaret Hillman, Lorraine LePage, Dee Dee Pitcher, Irene Bauer, Louise Maheux, Lena Puliafico, Gerri Casey, Mo Demers, Ernie Bass, Peter Ayer, Warren Wheeler, Dan Carter, Angel Douglas, Alan Hillman, Wayne Sevin, Michael Chagnon, and Angelo Gentile. Phil Breton will be accompaning the group this year.

Encore! 2002 will also be appearing at the Scenic Theatre during Old Home Days in July.

Encore Backstage Crew 2003

ENCORE! 2001

The Pittsfield Players' Encore! troupe was first formed in the winter of 1991, after a request from the Laconia Hospital Board of Directors for a bit of entertainment at their annual meeting at the Pheasant Ridge Country Club in the spring. Dennis Bunnell directed that first show, with Karen Jordan as Musical Director, Dee Dee Pitcher as Choreographer, and Phil Breton as Accompanist. The original show combined some ensemble choral numbers from recent Players' musical productions with a few new ensemble numbers and
various solo, duets, and small group numbers. Comedy was also included.All ensemble numbers were performed in three or four part harmony, a choral style that became the trademark of all future Encore shows.

The first Encore show was so well received, and such a financial success, that the Players decided to offer the show to Lakes Region resorts as a summer dinner theater, with the intent of generating some steady income for the Scenic Theatre, which the Players had just purchased. Martha Wagner, who was then president of the Board of directors, and Maye
Hart, also a Board member, visited several resort sites to determine interest in Encore. On their first visit to Steele Hill Resort in Sanbornton, Encore was enthusiastically scheduled for dinner theater every Tuesday night for the whole summer. The rest, as they
say, is history. Throughout the past ten years, the Encore shows have entertained hundreds of people at Steele Hill Resort, and faithful fans of the show, regular visitors to Steele Hill, appear each summer in the audience to cheer the group on. Sixty talented performers have participated through the years, and one performer - Lena Puliafico - has appeared in all ten shows. Directors have included Dennis Bunnell, Karen Jordan (who took over as director for the very first Steele Hill summer show) and Maye Hart, who has directed the show for the past nine seasons. The group has had three choreographers - San Rogers in 1993, Michael Chagnon in 2000, and Dee Dee Pitcher for every other season. Beside generating much-needed income for the Players, Encore has become a major training ground for singers and actors, who develop choral skills and stage presence and then go on to enrich other productions, both the Players' and other groups', with their talents. In fact, several Encore alumni have gone on to professional performances.

Next year, 2002, long time choreographer Dee Dee Pitcher will take over as Director of Encore, promising many more years of wonderful Encore shows to come.

Encore photos from Steele Hill 2001 season, completed Sept.18 & sent by Mike Lowery.

2001 Cast

Maye Hart
Carol Fitzmaurice
Lorraine LePage
Jean Gentile
Bea Pszonowsky
Margaret Hillman
Dee Dee Pitcher

Gerri Casey
Lena Puliafico
Irene Bauer
Louise Maheiux
Christine Netzer

Angelo Gentile
Dan Carter
Allen Hillman
John Tousignant
Angel Douglas

Warren Wheeler
Mike Beverly
Mike Chagnon
Ernie Bass

Maye Hart, co-director

Dee Dee Pitcher, co-director

Jim Herrick, accompanist

Stage Manager: Kathy Beverly

Lighting: Erica Marden