In 1988, the Pittsfield Players celebrated their 20th Anniversary with an elaborate evening at Lake Shore Farms in Northwood, NH. The evening included entertainment from the Seabees
from "South Pacific," Karen Jordan, and Mal Cameron. Video clips were shown and a parade of members discussed their memories of the Players and the shows
they had been in. Finally, the first Hall of Fame awards were presented to members.

The People's Choice Awards were a way of recognizing some of the accomplishments of the Players up to that time. The winners were decided by a public ballot, printed in the Suncook Valley Sun, for people to cast their vote and mail to the Players.
The results were as follows with winners receiving handsome mugs: (for shows 1968-1988)

Favorite Director

Drama - Roland Charron

Comedy - Jay Clark & Linda R. Young (Charley's Aunt)

Musical - Roland Charron (Man of La Mancha)

Award for Technical Assistance

Elsie Morse, Herb Emerson, Jim English

Favorite Actor in a Supporting role

Drama - Jim English (Night Watch)

Comedy - Brian Adams (Charley's Aunt)

Musical - Brian Adams (Two by Two) & Chet Fuller (South Pacific)

Favorite Actress in a Supporting role

Drama - Sabrina Matteson (Night Watch)

Comedy - [tie] Sandy Ross & Diane Johnson (Charley's Aunt)

Musical - Linda R. Young (Oklahoma!)

Favorite Actor

Drama - Dennis Bunnell (Night Watch)

Comedy - T.J. Rand (Charley's Aunt)

Musical - Mal Cameron (Music Man)

Favorite Actress

Drama - [3 way tie] Jane Greenberg, (Night Watch), Nirvana Nieuwejaar (Miracle Worker) & Faye McAnney (Anastasia)

Comedy - Sandy Ross (Charley's Aunt)

Musical - Karen Jordan (Sound of Music)

Favorite Production

Drama - 1985 Night Watch, Elsie Morse, Director

Comedy - 1986 Charley's Aunt, Jay Clark & Linda R. Young, Directors

Musical - 1976 Man of La Mancha, Roland Charron, Director