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The Players will hold their Annual Meeting on June 27th from 5-8pm at 35 Clark St, Pittsfield, NH. All members are invited to attend.

To be eligible to vote in this election, you must have been a dues-paying member of The Players since December 27, 2020. Family memberships have 2 votes, single and student memberships have 1 vote, but you must be over age 16 to vote. There are two three-year positions open on the Board, so vote for 2 candidates. Ballots, with your membership dues, must be in our PO box by Sunday, June 20. If you wish to assign your proxy vote to the Board or to another person rather than vote, you may do that as well.  You may also pay your dues and vote at the annual meeting.

The Annual Meeting will be followed by a hamburger and hot dog barbecue, and the Players will provide the burgers and dogs. Please bring a dessert, salad, or appetizer, as well as beach chairs, and your favorite beverage (no alcohol). Kids are welcome, but no pets, please.



 Meggin Dail: I am running for the board of directors with the intent of running for the president's position. I have been a member of the Pittsfield Players for 33 years and have served 12 years on the board of directors previously including serving as president, treasurer, and secretary.

If I should gain election to the board I would like to see more shows per year, the installation of a new ticket booth/concession stand as well as a top to bottom cleaning/cleanout of the theatre, for starters. I would like to see some classes take place for our theatre family that includes how to audition, how to set and run lights, how to direct, and general tips on performances including the history of where we come from and the path we are taking. I'd like to see the membership more involved by having more of a voice and by holding monthly cleaning sessions at the theatre so things don't fall behind.

I would like to find a way to combat burnout by rotating positions within the board and the membership. The list is long my friends, and I would love to hear your ideas. I would appreciate your support. If not elected this year, I will attend monthly meetings of the board to give my input and I encourage all of you to do the same. I would like to instigate some updates and follow through on plans we may have all discussed but not had the energy to pursue, regardless of whether I am elected.

Sincerely, Meggin Dail


Marty Williams: This year marks the 50th year since Marty started in Community Theater. Six years ago, Marty retired home to New Hampshire after a teaching career and 23 years in the Army and the White House. Marty has been involved with all levels and aspects of Community Theater, including, directing, producing, and acting.

 As well as all areas of theater tech. Marty has served on the boards of five Community Theaters in Maryland and Ohio. He also served as first vice president of the state level, Ohio Community Theater Association (OCTA), where he oversaw the programming, adjudication, and festivals division.

Marty now lives in Alton Bay and has for the last 3 years served on the Pittsfield Players board, currently as Vice President.

Catherine Martinez: Catherine  is re-running for her position in the Pittsfield Board of Directors. Catherine has performed in many productions both on and off the Scenic Theater Stage and has
participated in productions with the Pittsfield Players and helped put together small shows since 2012.

If re-elected, she would like to help the Pittsfield Players build more of an audience online and utilize digital marketing to capture the attention of more patrons across New Hampshire.

She has a great passion for the arts and looks to help the Pittsfield Players succeed in the modern world it is today, without abandoning its traditional roots.

If re-elected, she would like to run for Vice President.



Pittsfield Players' Season Tickets

Are Always Available

A Pittsfield Player’s Season Ticket could be the best present for any time of the year—for Mother’s Day, Father’s day, birthdays, or any time you need a gift for a theatergoer. One ticket costs $65, and you get admission to 5 shows. To order a season ticket, contact Maye Hart at 603-736-9563 or send email to


Become a Pittsfield Players member and receive membership benefits—such as a $2 discount on tickets, and your monthly Curtain Up. Dues are $20 per family, $10 per single, and $5 per student, and checks can be sent to The Pittsfield Players, P.O. Box 177, Pittsfield, NH 03263. Please make certain that we have your current address so we can send you your issues of Curtain Up, and include your email address and telephone number so we can contact you with important Players information.

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