Directed by Maye Hart

Produced by Frank Kirwin


Annie ran November 4, 5, 6, 11, 12, 13, 18, and 19, 2005 at the Scenic Theater, Pittsfield, NH. Cast

Starring as the namesake of the show, Annie, was Kaycee Sawyer. Other orphans included Delaney Lovejoy as Molly, Celeste Banfill as Kate, Abigail Blake as Tessie, Dominique DelValle as Pepper, Kali Mara as Duffy, and playing the role of July and also understudying the role of Annie is Morgan Nash.







Keeping the Orphans in line as Miss Hannigan was our own Bea Pszonowsky.

In the Warbucks mansion, the staff included Jean Gentile as Grace Farrell, Mike Chagnon as Drake, Colleen Twomey as Cecille, Ashley Gentile as Annette, Leah Lovejoy as Mrs. Pugh, and Dee Dee Pitcher is doing double-duty as Mrs. Greer and as the show's choreographer.





And Daddy Warbucks was played by Len Miller.





Jon Martin played Franklin D. Roosevelt, and rounding out his cabinet were Brian Blake as Louis Howe, John Charron as Francis Perkins, Robert Charron as Cordell Hull,        Dave Metzger as Howard Ickes, and Nathan Strong as       Henry Morganthau.







The scheming villains Rooster Hannigan and Lily St. Regis were played by Mark Boisvert and Jenna King.






Angelo Gentile was in the radio station as Bert Healy, with Ernie Bass as Fred McCracken (and Wacky), playing the Boylan sisters Connie, Bonnie, and Ronnie were Dale Gregory, Gerri Casey, and Lena Luongo, respectively. Chip Sawyer acted as the Sound Man in the station and Nathan Strong as Jimmy Johnson, the masked announcer.

The NYC Starlet was played by Ashley Gentile, Kate Mara played the Apple Seller, Ernie Bass, Lt. Ward, and Tamara DelValle played Sophie.

Other cast members include Merideth Tumasz, Nancy Gregory, Fiona Mara, Luis DelValle, Noah Nelsen, Travis Pitcher, and Angel Douglas.

More pictures to come soon.