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A Funny Thing Happened on

the Way to the Forum

Mal Cameron
Andrew Bennert
Rebecca Burdett
Ernie Bass
Allen Hillman
Margaret Hillman

Bob Coutu
Tori Volpe
Nathan Strong
Kate Crary
Daniel Scheys
Gale Marden

Jeremy Morse
Erica Marden
Brian Duchesne
P.J. White
Frank Kirwin
Sharon Wescomb

Cast: Prologus/Pseudolus, Mal Cameron; Proteans et al - Jeremy Morse, Brian Duschene & Dan Scheys; Senex, Bob Coutu; Domina, Margaret Hillman; Hysterium, Ernie Bass; Hero, Andrew J. Bennert; Lycus, Nathan Strong; Tintinabula, P.J. White; Panacea, Gale Marden; Geminae Twins, Erica Marden & Tori Volpe; Vibrata, Sharon Wescomb; Gymnasia, Kate Crary; Philia, Rebekah Burdett; Erronius, Frank Kirwin; Miles, Allen Hillman; Statues, Art & Elsie Morse.




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