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     Private Lives

Ernie Bass as Elyot


Maye Hart as Amanda


Mark Landry as Victor Prynne


Jenna King as Sybil Chase


Tracy Remington as Louise

Meggin Dail and Jay Sydow were co-directors and producers of the Spring 2005 production of Private Lives, by Noel Coward. Private Lives is a scathing, raucous comedy about lovers who don't love one another, and the people they married.

It is the opulent 30s in Europe, and Elyot and his new bride, Sybil, are
on honeymoon on the coast of France, in a suite overlooking the ocean.
Unbeknownst to them, Elyot's ex-wife, Amanda, is on honeymoon with her
new husband, Victor, and as the fates would have it, their balconies are
adjacent. Amanda and Elyot are both despicable drunks who love the lush
life and the finer things casinos have to offer, and their chosen mates
are daft, young, attractive playthings who from the start are clearly
victims. Or are they?

We soon learned that all four lovers are conniving, scheming, and
undeniably too interesting, funny, and sexy to ignore. Things really
took a turn when Elyot and Amanda realized they were both on honeymoon
together, but not with each other. The unlikable, but can't tear your
eyes away from, Elyot and Amanda vanished from the seaside resort leaving
their spouses to meet each other for the first time and commiserate.
We next met the on-again couple in a flat Amanda owns in
Paris. The two had been enjoying one another and wondering why they
didn't work the first time around.

But what of their unceremoniously ditched spouses? Do not worry about
them, for it was soon obvious that the two jettisoned lovers were not only
capable of tracking their loves across continents, they were capable of
putting their spouses back on track.
Or were they?

Adding to the confusion of the meeting of the foursome is a language
barrier with the French maid, breakfast which needs to be served, and
the slight dilemma as to who loves whom, and whether or not divorces
will proceed.

The pompous Elyot was played by Ernie Bass, Maye Hart was back on stage
and shined as the wretched Amanda. Playing the other two victims of
misplaced love were Jenna King as Sybil Chase and Mark Landry as Victor
Prynne. Tracy Remington brushed up on her French for her role as Louise.
The passion and hatred, sometimes indistinguishable, left audiences breathless and in hysterics as the stage became a battleground. The audience laughed at the petty arguments and shallow defenses, gasped at the depths people would go to to hurt one another, and perhaps came away happy about your own private life. Those who saw the show got a peek at the Private Lives of arguably the most hateful people they ever had fun watching.