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The Cast

(In order o f Appearance)
Roxy Robinson-Calvin Follansbee
Bronx Charlie-Timothy Osborne
Benny Lee-Joel Bates
Yonkers-Dustin Follansbee
Laughing Boy-Nathalie Parent
Doodle-Travis Pitcher
Bugsy Malone-Travis Drolet
Barber-David Wilkins
Flash Frankie-Nick Fegley
Tallulah's Girls
Bangles-Grace Sisti

Tillie-Irene Vogt
Dotty-Emily Smith
Loretta-Lindsey Festa
Velma-Jordan Drolet
Donia Jarry, Hannah Kelley, Katie Chagnon
Tallulah-Maria Bauer
Pop Becker-Nick Fegley
Blousey Brown-Kristina Nelson
Fizzy-Cameron Graaskamp
Fat Sam-Andy Follansbee
Knuckles-Dustin Despres
Paper Boy-Joel Bates
Radio Announcer-Nick Fegley
Waitress-Donia Jarry
Dandy Dan-Steven Brasley
Louella-Katie Chagnon
Oscar DaVelt-Travis Pitcher
Singer-Donia Jarry
Marbini-Nathalie Parent
Ventriloquist-Christopher Weeks
Roller Skater-Hannah Kelley
Juggler-Emily Smith
Lena Marelli-Allison Blais
Seymour Scoop-Noah Nelson
Sound Man-Dustin Follansbee
O'Dreary-Calvin Follansbee
Smolsky-Marty Smock-Joyal
Policewoman-Amanda Hodder
Reporters-Samantha Murphy, Jennifer Blais
Shake Down Louis-Aaron Rowell
Snake Eyes-James Jarry
Ritzy-Christopher Weeks
Shady-David Wilkens
Shoulders-Travis Pitcher
Leroy-Nick Fegley
Nun-Jennifer Blais
Cook-Amanda Hodder
Babyface-Noah Nelson
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