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The Sound of Music

The children:

Gretl - Alternating role, Colleen Fox and Mary Herndon

Marta - Cindy Bell

Louisa - Kim Palmer

Brigitta - Julie Palmer

Friedrich - Andy Fries

Kurt - John Saliba

The young adults:

Liesel - Tammy Nickerson

Rolf - Brian Adams

The Captain and Maria:

Maria - Karen Jordan

The Captain - Mike Wilkes



Mother Abbess, nuns and postulants:

Mother Abbess - Betty Walker

Nuns - Diane Johnson, Jane-Ann Fuller, Lena Puliafico

Paula Jacobson, Dale Wormhood

Postulants - ???, Beckki Fuller



Max and Elsa:

Barry Clattenburg and Tammy Mittman

Supporting cast:

Butler - Chet Fuller

Admiral - Dick Collins

Zeller - Bob Knibbs

Eberfeld - Bill Jenisch