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Photos from State Fair Auditions, Aug. 2003


Michael Chagnon - Abel

Dee Dee Pitcher - Melissa

Dan Scheys - Wayne

Sheree Bass - Margy

Mo Demers - Emily Arden

Jeff Gregoire - Pat Gilbert

Kristina Nelsen - Eleanor

Joel Dail - Harry

Allen Hillman - Clay: Ernie Bass - Hank: Angelo Gentile - Lem

Frank Kirwin - Charlie

Bob Coutu - Hoop-la Barker

Jean Gentile & Tori Volpe - Dancers

Garrett Graaskamp - Police Chief

Donia Jarry - Violet

Dave Pollard - Dave Miller

Art Morse - Fair Announcer

The FAIRTONES - Angelo Gentile, Angel Douglas, Lena Luongo and Gerri Casey.

Other supporting roles: Greg MacIntosh, David Hall, Bea Pszonowsky, Jamie Rondeau, Lori Smock-Joyal, Marty Smock-Joyal, Colleen Twomey, Ranee Washburn, Noah Nelsen, Erica Marden, Lorraine LePage, James Jarry, Chris Gentile, Gay-Ann Cooney, Maria Bauer, Irene Bauer and Hillary Annance